Thursday, 11 September 2014

Speelac Gel Face wash Review

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be reviewing Speelac Gel Face wash from Ranbaxy.This is a 2% Salicylic acid gel face wash for oily-acne prone skin.This was one of initial salicylic acid face washes I tried many years ago.Read along to find out more about it.

Speelac Gel Face wash Review

My Skin Type:

Speelac Gel Face wash Review

Oily and acne prone skin.



Key Ingredients:

Salicylic acid I.P-2.0% w/w
Gel Base-q.s


Rs.188 for 60grams.

Product Description & Swatch:

Speelac Gel Face wash Review


1)It is a non-comedogenic face wash in a gel base.

2)It contains 2% Salicylic acid which is a pretty powerful acne fighting ingredient.

3)It works on mild-moderate form of acne.

4)It is suitable for oily-acne prone skin.

5)Easy availability & Affordable.


1)It does not lather a lot like SLS cleansers.

2)It is not suitable for sensitive skin.

3)It might not help severe/cystic acne.

4)No complete disclosure of ingredients.

Directions for use:

Apply face wash gel on wet face.Massage it and rinse with water.


Ranbaxy products are easily available in all medical stores.

As of now available online at

Final Verdict:

My Rating:4/5


  • Salicylic acid does not suit every one specially sensitive skin types.Patch test is recommended.
  • It is 2% Salicylic acid so a strong treatment for acne hence do not use with with Isotretinoin,Retinoids,Glycolic acid products.
  • Use a good oil-free and non-comedogenic sunscreen during the day.
  • One might experience peeling/dryness/flakiness,in such a case reduce the usage and use a non-comedogenic moisturiser.
  • It will suit for mild-moderate form of acne.It is not the most effective treatment for cystic/severe acne.
  • It is best to use as a maintenance product or stand alone product.