Make up Tutorial For Glasses

Today this a Make up tutorial for girls who wear glasses like me :).Glasses are considered boring but if you use it,you can make it into a stylish accessory too. Who said you can’t wear make up just because you wear glasses?Go ahead try these quick and simple tutorials and show off your beautiful eyes !

Products Required:

Make up Tutorial For Glasses
  • Primer like Colorbar or Loreal.
  • Foundation like Loreal True match.
  • Concealer.
  • Compact or Mineral Powder.
  • Blush.
  • Eye Shadow.
  • Brow Pencil.
  • Eye Liner.
  • Eye lash curler.
  • Make up brushes.


As I said in my last eye make up tutorial, the beauty lies in the Eyes!So when it comes doing your make up with glasses,the focus is again on the eyes.
1)Do your regular face make up according to your preference of Light/Medium/High Coverage.
2)Use a brow pencil to bring out the eye brows.
3)Opt for Neutral eye shadows and do your eyes.
4)You can curl the lashes using eye lash curler which is optional.Follow it with Eye Liner,Mascara.
5)Apply subtle shades on blush on cheeks to highlight your face.
6)For Day wear opt for again subtle pink lipsticks as we want to bring out the eyes. For evenings and special occasions you can go a little bold with the lip shades.

Video Tutorial 1:

This is a suitable day wear make up for college/office goers.


Video Tutorial 2:

Got a date or Heading out for a vacation then this is the make up you are looking for!



Video Tutorial 3:

Stepping out for a cup of coffee with your buddies then try this look!

Video Tutorial 4:

Who said you can’t party without glasses? Try this smoky eye with bold pink lipstick!

Video Tutorial 5:

Don’t stop partying!Party look #2 with red lipstick !






Video Tutorial 6:





Who said glasses are for nerds??
With the right make up ,you can definitely look smart with glasses 🙂
And yes you can try these tutorials if you wear sunglasses too!
Have fun girls !

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