What is Acne Regimen?How to deal with Acne?

Today I will be discussing the importance of an Acne Regimen which is a major step in treating and preventing acne. It’s so confusing how to treat acne with so many products out there in the market. How many products are actually effective? How to go about with a regimen?

What is an Acne Regimen?

An Acne Regimen is a complete set of defined products to treat acne from the root cause and prevent further breakouts. One or two products cannot help with acne, a regimen that covers all bases of acne-related concerns like bacterial activity, excess sebum production/ oily skin, hyperpigmentation/scars left behind by acne etc are required. This is the most effective way of nipping acne at its bud.
Cleanser/Face wash
To cleanse the face thoroughly.
Sunscreen To provide protection against sun damage and preserve the results obtained from acne creams.
Acne Cream To treat acne from the within the skin surface.
Acne Scars Removal To lighten blemishes,acne marks and pitted-acne scars.
Moisturiser To overcome the dryness/peeling/flakiness caused by acne creams.

How do I know what product is right for me?

It is very important for one to choose non-comedogenic and oil free products in a acne regimen.It is one of the major step in treating acne.Using comedogenic products will continue to clog pores and cause more acne.For more info on this,click here and here.

How to start with a Acne Regimen?

1)Wash your face with a Cleanser.
2)Apply Sunscreen 15-20 minutes before you step outside.
3)Follow it with a Moisturiser if required.
4)Women can follow up with their Make-up routine.
Re-apply Sunscreen if required. Specially if you are outside.
Wash your face with a Cleanser.
Women should remove all make up using make-up remover like Bioderma Sensibio H20 etc.
Before you retire to bed,apply your acne cream.It is the best time to apply acne cream.


How long will it take for the results to appear?

There is no way to put a time stamp on treating acne.Results depends on type of acne,severity of acne,hormonal factors etc. Everybody’s skin is different and its reacts differently. Something that works for one person,might not work for others.So it is necessary for you to understand the your skin and go according to it.Normally it takes 1-2 months to show definite improvement.

How long should I follow a acne regimen?

Acne regimen should be followed regularly at least until acne is completely taken care off. After complete treatment also one should follow a regimen,if not rigorous but at least for maintenance.Otherwise chances are that acne might come back,so it is important to maintain good skin routine and practices.

Are Acne Regimens for men and women?

The answer is yes. Acne regimen is for any one who has acne irrespective men or women.

How should men go about with their shaving routine?

Men should avoid creamy shaving creams/lotions/after shave.Most of them contain comedogenic ingredients so they will continue to clog pores and cause more acne.
Electric Razors tend to irritate more on acne prone skin.It is advisable to opt for Razors.It is best bet to shave with gentle cleansers like Sebamed Cleansing Foam,Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel,Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin.

Are acne-kits like Proactiv,Zenmed , Neutrogena ,Exposed Skin Care etc feasible options?

Yes they are feasible options.Most of them are primarily Benzoyl peroxide in different concentrations.They come in kits consisting of Cleansers,Treatment lotion,Moisturisers,Sunscreen etc.For example you can check Proactiv Acne kit here.

Who should not follow Acne regimen?

Acne regimens should not be followed by kids(under age 12), pregnant/nursing mothers.

What if acne regimen is not helping you any more?

Well then you have to dig deeper.Steer clear from temptations,adding or experimenting with products. One comedogenic ingredient/product is sufficient to sabotage your anti-acne effects.Take special care in choosing non-comedogenic skin care products.Women should choose their make up products wisely too.
There is also hormonal issue.It is a internal factor which triggers acne.So in order to achieve optimum benefits it is necessary to rule out hormonal imbalances like Hypo/Hyper thyroidism,Polycystic ovarian disease(PCOD) etc.For more info on causes of acne,click here.This is something that should not be neglected.Once these are treated,acne also will gradually come down and skin condition will improve eventually.

Based on the above guidelines you can create your own custom acne regimen or look into the Acne Regimens which I will be discussing in the next two posts.


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