Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi

Hi Guys! Holi is coming up very soon. Holi is colorful,fun,frolic,friends and in just one word “awesome”.But we also need take care of hair,skin,nails etc during celebrations.In this post we will see some useful tips on how to do that.

1)Firstly wear a good sunscreen on face and body.Preferably water proof sunscreen.You can read more about it here.
2)Apply oil all over your face and body.This away the holi colours will not adhere to the skin.
  For Normal/Dry Skin:Olive oil/Coconut oil/Castor Oil/Johnson Baby oil will do.
  For Oily and acne prone skin: Oils are a strict no-no.Vaseline petroleum jelly is a safe bet.
3)It is advisable oil your hair too since it will be easier to wash them later.
4)Girls do not wear make up and tie up your hair into a nice ponytail/braid.
5)Coming to nails,trim your nails so that colours do not get in to the crevices.You can also apply a little bit of vaseline or nail polish on the nails too.
6)Use organic and herbal colours instead to chemical based colours.For example:Yellow-Besan(Gramflour), Turmeric,Sandalwood;Green-Henna;White-Riceflour etc.
7)Opt for colours like yellow,red instead of bright colours like orange,silver,gold,purple because they have high levels of chemicals.
8)Wear clothing that covers your hands,legs.
9)If you wear contact lenses or specs like me, do not wear them on holi.If you still insist you can wear sunglasses or shades to protect yourself from holi.If holi accidentally enters the eye then rinse with water.
10)Girls do not get facials,bleaches,threading ,medical procedures like chemical peels etc 5 days before and after holi.
11)If you have certain skin allergies,it would advisable to avoid holi altogether.If you still want to play holi,do not forget to carry your allergy medications.
12)Once done with holi, take bath.First stand below a shower and try to wash the colours as much possible with only water.Wash your hair with mild shampoo.Follow it with a hair conditioner.Use a good cleanser to wash face and body.Do not use soaps since they over-dry the skin.Do not wash repeatedly either.
13)If you still have some holi colour residues,you can follow double cleansing with oil-first wipe with cotton soaked in oil(jojoba/mineral oil etc) and follow it with a cleanser.If you have acne prone skin then skip this step.Alternatively you can try my mom’s method of rubbing lemon wedges or besan to get rid of the colour.
14)Some colours do not go away with single wash.Within few days it will fade away so do not worry.
15)After bath apply moisturiser and sunscreen.
16)While playing holi take care while applying colours near sensitive areas like eyes,mouth,nose etc.Be careful while handling picchkaris or water guns.
17)Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and moisturiser/oil on lips and ears too.
18)Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
19)Incase you have skin rashes, seek a dermatologist’s advice.
20)And last but not the least, do not forget to brush your teeth as well!:D

These are some of my tips,I hope it helps you guys as well.;)
Have a happy and safe holi!<:-P

Take care and have loads of fun.:D/

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