Vedic Line Lime Shower Gel Review

Today I will be reviewing Vedic Line Lime Shower Gel.I was eyeing for a while,finally, I thought I will try it out.Read along to find out more about it.


Purified water,Sodium Laureth Sulphate,Lime Peel Oils, Lactic acid,Sodium Chloride,CI 191490 & 42090.


Rs.125 for 120ml | Rs.425 for 500ml.

Product Claim & Swatches:

Vedic Line Lime Shower Gel Review


1)It is non-comedogenic shower gel/body wash.
2)It is a gel based product.
3)It lathers up and cleanses well.
4)It has citrus/lemon fragrance.

5)It contains Lemon extracts and Lactic acid which helps with skin lightening.

7)Easy availability.
8)It can also be used face wash and it is suitable for all skin types.


1)One tube is 120 ml does not last more than a 7-10 usages.
2)It is pricey for 120ml.Fiama showers are Rs.135 for 200ml.

Directions for use:

Squeeze out required quantity of shower gel on loofah,cleanse and rinse with water.


Vedic Line products are available in super markets and cosmetic stores.
To buy on Flipkart,click here.

Final Verdict:

Recently I have been trying out Vedic Line products one by one.They do have some good products.This shower gel reeks of lemon,a decent shower gel.Since it is non-comedogenic,it doubles up as face wash as well.One major problem is the quantity,it comes in a very small tube so does not last long.The other Fiama D Wills/Nivea Shower come in 250ml bottles priced at Rs.150 onwards which last close to a month.

My Rating:4/5

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