Delicca Powder Face wash Review

Hi Everyone,
Today I will be reviewing Delicca Powder Face wash. For the past few weeks,I saw this ad too many times. The emphasis on powder face wash is really too much so I decided to check it out myself. Do you think its worth it? Read along to find out more about it.

My Skin Type:

Delicca Powder Face wash Review

Oily and acne prone skin.



Starch,Dextrose/Glucose Anhydrous,Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate,Talc,Hydroxy Propyl Starch Phosphate,Aluminium Starch Ocetenyl Succinate,Turmeric powder, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate,Sodium Lauryl Glutamate,Perfume,Sodium Benzoate,Milk powder, Polyquaternium-10,Hydroxyl Propyl Methyl Cellulose.


Rs.125 for 40grams.

Product Description:

Delicca Powder Face wash Review




1)It is non-comedogenic,oil free face wash.
2)It comes in a yellow powder form.
3)Surprisingly cleanses well.
4)There are only 2 ingredients which can benefit skin-Turmeric and Milk Powder.
6)It is suitable for all skin types.
7)Affordable & Easy availability.


1)I did not like fragrance.
2)Though SLS-free,it dries up skin.
3)Not really convenient like normal face washes.
4)There tends to be product wastage.
5)The whole powder is basically Talc.
6)The packaging is not great either,product spills out.

Directions for use:

Wet your face and hands. Dispense a small amount of product and spread in to hands. Apply gently on your face and work into lather. Rinse thoroughly with water. Apply as and when required.


Vini Cosmetics products are easily available in all medical stores.
As of now its available on Amazon India and SafetyKart,To buy click here and here.

Final Verdict:

Honestly nothing exceptional about this product.The texture is similar to besan(gram flour) which I think does better job of cleansing.I am not into whole powder face wash format,its really not convenient specially when you are in hurry in the morning. I would prefer my regular face washes any day.The formula is nothing great either,it is mostly talc.For this price,you can get better face washes from Everyuth and Himalaya.Except that it is non-comedogenic,I don’t have too many good things about it.Not really impressed!

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