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Its Friday and I am back with another website review.I came across this website called while searching for the Himalaya Men face washes.Since then I have shopped with them a couple of times.As the their site name suggests,they also specialise in Personal safety,Child Safety,Home safety,Sports safety and other safety tools.Read along to find out more about website and my experience with Safety Kart.

Site Info:

Site Categories
Personal Care,Personal Safety,Child Safety,Baby & Maternity Care,Home Safety,Sports Safety,Hiking and Mounteering gear,Protective cases for Phones,Tablets,IPad,Safety Tools,Industrial Safety.

Payment Modes:

  • Cash-on-delivery/Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/Online Banking/Bank Transfer(Cheque/DD)

Shipping Charges:

  • Minimum order value is Rs.150 which is very reasonable.
  • Free Shipping for orders above of Rs.499,otherwise Rs.50 will be charged.
  • No Cash-on-delivery charges for orders above Rs.499,otherwise Rs.125 will be charged.
  • For shipping policies for Jammu Kashmir,MizoramAndaman,Manipur and others,click here.

My Rating:

Features My Rating
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Ease of placing a order
Customer Service
Refund Policy
Overall Rating

Website Features: Website Review
  • Before I go ahead with the review,I will just briefly explain website features so that it gives you a proper idea about  the site.This is first time I am coming across a website which exclusively specialises in Safety care and equipments.That’s pretty cool right!!I mean just not Personal Safety,there is Child Safety to Industrial Safety.Search option has many filters to simplify the search.It is easier to modify cart contents as well at the bottom of the page without scrolling.Each and every product has complete product and brand description.Overall website navigation is user-friendly.
  • Initially I thought it was only Safety care related.But after exploring the site,I found that they also have Skin Care,Personal Care,Health Care as well which you can check out here. Website Review
  • They also have Intimate Care for Men & Women which you can check out here.I really liked the fact they stock all Feminine Hygiene Supplies in all variants and from mini to super saver packs which are not so easily accessible in the market too! Website Review
  • Personal Safety is the section which caters to the needs like Pepper Spray,First Aids kits,Travel organisers,Mosquito repellents and others which you can check out here. Website Review
  • There is a category called “Child Safety” which all parents will love!They have door safety locks,drawer locks,latches and stoppers among others.They also have Baby & Maternity care requirements like diapers,wipes,baby skin care supplies and accessories which you can check out here.They also have a feature called Safety Comics which is their collaboration project with Kid Power to promote child safety among kids.Love this feature and every parent must educate their children on this subject!I am picking one up for my niece! Website Review
  • One more feature which all you guys and adrenaline junkies are going to love is Sports Gear & Safety which has your Cycling,Hiking,Biking,Camping and Mountaineering gears. Website Review
  • Apart from all this they have Home Safety,Protective Cases,Safety Tools,Industrial Safety.

My Experience and Final Verdict:

  • Actually my first order was around Rs.250,bought Himalaya Men Face washes for review purposes.My first order with a new website is always minimum order,based on that it gives me clear picture of how they work.I used online payment because I did not want to pay cod charges.Entire process was smooth.
  • I placed my recent order around 2pm and it was dispatched around 4pm.I got email and sms updates of order status.
  • The customer support is friendly and well informed.I opted for Bank Transfer mode of payment.It was followed by their team and order was processed quickly without any hassles.
  • The order neatly arrived in 2 days on a Sunday.The order was neatly bubbled wrapped and put in a tamper-proof box. Website Review Website Review Website Review
  • They have tie-ups with Bluedart,Aramex,Fedex and other logistics.
  • Here are just mini reviews of the products I picked up:

   1)Knockout Pepper Spray Website Review
Given the current rise in crimes against women and children,one ought to pick a pepper spray for self-defense purposeX(.This is a absolute must have!It comes in small spray bottle which you can easily slip into your pockets or handbag.A 55ml bottle gives you 12 sprays.You can buy here.

  2)Everteen Feminine Intimate wash & Pee-Safe Toilet Sanitizer Website Review
I can’t the stress the importance of feminine hygiene enough for a every woman.You can check out the detailed review of Everteen Intimate wash here.I totally dread using public toilets fearing infections:-L,that’s where this little wonder of Pee-Safe Toilet Sanitizer comes in handy!You can buy here and here.
PS:I recently came to know Pee-Safe Toilet Sanitizer is manufactured by Safety Kart.I must say,its one useful product!

  3)Sofy Sanitary Napkins & DomKinppy Disposable Bags Website Review
Off late I am really not liking Whisper as I feel the quality has come down.So I switched to Sofy ones which are really good and economical too.Safety Kart has all Sofy variants-Dry walls,Side walls,L,XL, Pack of 6/12 etc. Disposing feminine hygiene supplies is another embarrassing issue faced my women,so DomKinnpy Disposable bags are discreet and hygienic too.You can buy here and here.

  4)Johnson& Johnson Band Aid Website Review
I love to cook which means some times accidental cuts,scraps,burns:( etc so I always have a first-aid kit in a kitchen with bandages and ointments.You can buy here.

  5)Cool-Touch Gel Pad for Kids/Adults Website Review
I found this accidentally on their site,it is modified version of wet cloth your mom used to put on head when you were sick and nurse you back to health:x.With the onset of monsoon and flu season,thought it might be helpful.It comes with a shelf life of 3 years.It provides instant relief from fever,head aches.It also comes with adhesive,so you can stick on your forehead and sleep peacefully.You can buy here.

  6)Wiclenz Premium Bed Bath Towels/Wipes Website Review
I have heard of baby wipes,wet wipes,make up remover wipes.First time I saw Bed/Bath wipes so I picked it up out of curiosity.These are around the size of hand towels and alcohol-free.This is one I will be repurchasing.It is so much better than regular wipes/tissues.It is soft,thick and moist like a fabric.It is microwaveable too!It also contains Benzalkonium Chloride which is a antiseptic and antibacterial.It is a multi-purpose product,can be used as baby wipes,facial wipes,body wipes etc.This one goes in the hand bag!You can buy here.

  7)Jungle Formula Mosquito Repellent Lotion Website Review
Bangalore is witnessing acute rise in dengue and malaria cases due to the garbage disposal crisis.It just gets worse with the monsoons.I hate liquid mosquito repellents as I am allergic to it and it is really suffocating to breathe:-&.So I decided to try this repellent lotion.You can buy here.

  8)Bodysol Antiseptic Hand Gel Website Review
This is basically a hand sanitiser which I got free with repellent lotion.Smells awesome too!This one too goes in my hand bag!You can buy here.

I will post detailed reviews of all these products very soon.
If I had to point a negative,then it will be the COD Charges of Rs.125.I find it to be very high and I hope they lower it to reasonable limit of Rs.50 or so.Apart from this,I found no other faults with Safety Kart.
Overall I am  very satisfied with the services offered by the website.I will definitely shop again and recommend it to others as well.Its nice to know brands come up with innovative techniques and cater to different needs of customers.Clearly online shopping is here to stay for good!With such offers,services I can’t really complain.;)

Offer Alert:Currently Safety Kart is giving 10% off for new registered members.You can follow their Facebook page for latest offers and updates.

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