Salon/Spa Review:Bounce Style Lounge-Bangalore

This is a guest post from Megha who previously reviewed Nivea Creme. This time she is sharing her hair cut experience with Bounce Salon which is one of the popular Salons in Bangalore.
Hi guys! Hope you are all doing great. I am sharing with you, my experience with Bounce, The Style Lounge which is located in Lavelle Road, Bangalore. This happened months back when I was home (Bangalore) for vacation.
Salon/Spa Review:Bounce Style Lounge-Bangalore
Salon/Spa Review:Bounce Style Lounge-Bangalore
Salon/Spa Review:Bounce Style Lounge-Bangalore
My hair was about shoulder length then. I booked an appointment with the very popular Bounce. I went in and a stylist was assigned. Everything was going fine and I also had a discussion with the stylist about my potential haircut. I told him that I previously had an angled bob and that I was growing it out. The only reason I was getting a haircut is because I did not want it to be uneven (Since I had an angled bob previously). I asked him to keep it as long as possible (I Insisted!). Then he went chop, chop, chop!
After the haircut I was so disappointed with the length and the haircut itself. Not only was the length too short but also the hair on top of the head was too short. I was sad, confused, worried, and shattered all at the same time.When the hair was set, I expressed my dissatisfaction to the stylist and he said “No ma’am, when you hair grows a little this style will look very good, The hair on the top will sit well then”. Does it mean I should look like a tasteless hobo until my hair grows? I was in total disbelief of what I had done to myself. Just paid (Thousand something rupees) and got out to meet my boyfriend who was waiting outside.
When I got out of the salon, my boyfriend saw my horrified face and said “It’s nice! You look good”. I said “No way, I look like a Moron” .He repeatedly reassured me that it looks fine and all of that. He maintained the same stand until my hair grew to be decent looking. Now that my hair has grown well (Thank God!!!) ,he tells me that it was the worst ever haircut of mine. He says he was just trying to make me feel better since It had hit he hard. I really felt that I looked like a big disaster with that haircut! You know when men don’t cut their hair for a few months for what so ever reason or when women grow out their hair after a clean shave at Tirupathi, My haircut was exactly like that. Thank god I left Bangalore 2 days after this disaster. I did not have to meet friends and family with this BOUNCE haircut. I would probably home-arrest myself if I were still in Bangalore.
This was my First time there, also the last time. For sure! I had heard both good things and bad things about BOUNCE. I had not tried BOUNCE for this long because of the mixed opinions and mainly the bad ones. Then I thought “Well I heard good things too, let me give it a shot”. I learnt well.Guys, just because a salon charges a bomb doesn’t mean they do a great job with your hair or whatever. Sometimes when you know what you want, it’s better to stick your regular salon/stylists than experiment! Your stylist will know you.They would have seen you multiple times and will remember your face. They know what suits you better and familiarity you guys share is a bonus! You are not a “Cut and Forget” customer for them so they pay heed to your needs better.
PS:Guys sorry I forgot to click pics and this is not a sponsored review.

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