Make up Tips for Sensitive Skin Types

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Are you a victim of sensitive skin that prohibits your choice of makeup and beauty products? If you remain worried about the damage that makeup does to your sensitive skin, you have landed at the right place for advice. To a very large extent, mineral make up comes to the rescue of people with sensitive skin. However despite choosing the best mineral make up, there are more than fair chances that you end up troubling your skin if you do not follow certain do’s and dont’s of decking up sensitive skin.
Here are few tips that people with sensitive skin must follow in order to avoid damage to their skin by makeup:

1)Not making a note of the Ingredients:

Be wise enough to know which ingredients harm your skin and which do not. You can also consult your dermatologist to become knowledgeable on the same. Whenever you come across a product that causes trouble to your skin, note down its ingredients. Note down ingredients of other such products that you come across and make a list of common products, call it the “Blacklist”. This list will make you aware of the ingredients you need to stay clear from. Whenever you are tempted to buy a product off the shelf, look for the ingredients panel for the blacklisted ingredients and avoid buying them.

2)Using Old Products:

Certain beauty and makeup products may be the owner’s pride however this does not exempt them from expiring. Many ladies may not be even aware that every product has a shelf life, no matter how expensive it and how effective it is. Using a product whose shelf life is over can certainly be damaging not only to sensitive skins but to normal skin as well. Keep replacing your old products with new ones. This will not only avoid the occurrence of you applying an old product that will damage your skin but also provide you an opportunity to experience new arrivals in the market. In case a product does not have an expiry date mentioned, consult the shopkeeper or the beauty adviser present in the store.

3)Using Waterproof Make up:

There is no denial that waterproof makeup is an amazing invention however it does loose all its charm when you have to sit for hours to remove it. Removing waterproof makeup may be very tough on skin and if you have sensitive skin, it can be even more damaging. It takes a very strong make up remover to remove waterproof make up which robs the skin of a lot of oil and hydration resulting in irritation and red patches.

4)Not Patch Testing the Product:

This is possibly the most important part of advice you can follow for your sensitive skin makeup. It is wise to go to good stores which have the provision of testing cosmetics on the skin before buying them. Apply a small amount of the product on your neck, face and wrists and wait for a day or two to observe any possible side effects. In case there is no sign of irritation or skin damage, come back to the shop to buy the product. Patch testing the product you will not only avoid skin troubles but also prevent wastage of money by buying a product that does not suit your skin.

While makeup definitely adds charm and sophistication to your face, it can do exactly the opposite to sensitive skins. Follow these tips to have a healthy make up regimen for your sensitive skin.

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