Can Cell Phones cause Facial Acne?

Hi Everyone,
Its been a while since I wrote a post on Acne.Interesting post title right?Well this has been on my mind for ages.All of us glued are to our phones,smart gadgets and technology.It is like an extension to ourselves.But did you know that cell phones can cause acne?Okay I am not crazy,now you must have got many questions after reading this.Long ago I used to breakout on the cheeks/side of my face.Despite being on proper skin care regimen,I was breaking out and I couldn’t figure out why.Then one day after ending a phone call,I realised something.I could see oil and grime on the phone and yes I have oily-acne prone skin.It was the same area I was breaking out and figured out the reason behind it.Read along to find out more about it.

How do cell phones induce acne?

Can your Cell Phones cause Facial Acne?

1)Bacteria Contamination:

Cell phones are a breeding ground for bacteria.Cell phones are one of the most used item and we reach out to it several times in a day.We rush and drop everything we are doing when the phone rings and just pick it up.You can easily transfer that on to your phone.It will be lying in the kitchen,bags,pants,gym,car etc and then there are phones are exchanged through so many hands.Because of all the things it is exposed in the environment,it keeps on accumulating dirt and bacteria.It is said that cell phones are more contaminated than toilets.No I am not exaggerating.You can read the original research paper HERE.They found various kinds of bacteria like streptococci etc.

2)Perspiration/Sweat ,Moisture and Warmth:

When it comes in contact with your skin especially if you talk for long hours,the combination of moisture,sweat,heat,dirt,oil from your skin then it is bound to irritate your skin,clog pores and lead to breakouts.

3)Heat and Phone Radiation:

It is said that the heat from phone induces more oil/sebum production which is enough to induce acne.

4)Constant Pressure:

The constant pressure and friction with the phone and skin can trigger acne.

So how to deal with this situation?

Well worry not follow these simple remedies to avoid this problem.
1)Always wash your hands after every activity and keep them clean.It is a good idea to carry a sanitiser in your bags.If you have dry hands like me then use a good hand cream like Neutrogena Hand Cream.

Can your Cell Phones cause Facial Acne?
2)Clean your phones at least once or twice in a day using anti-bacterial wipes or use a cotton with a rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol which is cheap and easily available in all pharmacies.Use a cotton bud /Q-tip to clean your nooks and crevices where dirt usually accommodates.This is how I do this,you can also use a little toner as well.Be sure that your phone is turned off and isn’t plugged in while you are doing this.

Can your Cell Phones cause Facial Acne?
3)Wipe the phone with a tissue or lint-free before you use it as often as you can.
4)Wash your face and keep your skin clean since it is on direct contact otherwise you will end up transferring sweat,dirt,grime and bacteria on phone as well.
5)Use a screen guard on your phone as it not only protects your phone but its easier to clean the surface as well.Change them frequently as well.
6)Try to hold the phone away from the skin(No I am not kidding,I consciously keep it away from face.Gee!Things one has to do avoid acne) OR just go for head sets/headphones.

Can your Cell Phones cause Facial Acne?
7)Make use of phone cases and pouches.This to an extent prevents the surface from contamination.
8)Zap that acne with clinical acne treatments like Avene Triacneal,Epiduo(I can’t leave without it!),Metrogyl etc.

My Experience & Final Words:

It took me a while to figure out how cell phones induce facial acne.It shows how most negligent,miniscule and hidden factors can trigger acne without your knowledge.I hope the remedies which I follow religiously everyday helps you as well and keep that acne away.After rectifying with these small measures,I have stopped noticing any breakouts along the area I hold my phone.I always keep wiping the phone before I pick it up,annoys people around me but I get to remain pimple-free.And yes I pretty much use the same process with cleaning my Ipad as well.This is just one aspect of phones,may be I will cover the rest in another post.

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