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Hi Everyone,
Its been ages since I reviewed any websites.Recently I came across a new website called which is a online portal which exclusively sells organic,herbal,vegan and eco-friendly products and brands.Sangu has really encouraged me make some wise choices like opting for sls-free,paraben-free,silicon-free products so I know she will be happy to know about this site.Some products definitely caught my attention and ordered some lovely products.Curious to know more about the website and their services?Well then lets go ahead with the review. Website Review

1)Rustic Art Aloe vera gel & Aloe vera-Peach-Avocado gel

Rustic Art Aloe vera gel & Aloe vera-Peach-Avocado gel


Aloe vera gel-Rs.200 for 100ml. To buy,click HERE.
Aloe vera-Peach-Avocado gel-Rs.300 for 100ml. To buy,click HERE.
If you follow my blog,you know I am a big fan of Aloe vera gels especially Aloe veda aloe vera skin nourishing gel.I love aloe vera gels as they are multi-purpose gels.They make good oil-free moisturisers for oily-acne prone skin types.I have been hearing about Rustic art for a while but it is not easily available and I finally found it on aloe vera gels are available in many versions.They are really amazing.They are additive-free,chemical-free,no colorants,no fragrance.Full detailed review coming up soon!

2)Madhuban Naturals Pomegranate Whole Fruit Rejuvenating Face Pack

Madhuban Naturals Pomegranate Whole Fruit Rejuvenating Face Pack


Rs.225 for 50grams. To buy,click HERE.
I am not very religious with face packs/masks.Except for Proactiv Sulphur Mask,I rarely use them.I love Pomegranate and they are rich in anti-oxidants.This was the first time I saw it in a face pack so I was really curious to try it.Most face packs available are comedogenic so it comes in a powder form is an added benefit plus preservative-free.It is basically powdered form of whole fruit of pomegrante,multani mitti(fuller’s earth),papaya extracts,amla extracts.Depending on your skin type,you can mix with toner,water,milk,rose water etc.I mixed it with Avene Thermal Spring water.It soothes the skin and adds a fresh glow plus it is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants.

3)Under The Mango Tree-Litchi Honey

Under The Mango Tree Mango-Litchi Honey


Rs.230 for 200grams | Rs.450 for 500 grams. To buy,click HERE.
I normally substitute sugar with honey as it is a healthier and tastier option.I really hate Dabur Honey,it is loaded with high sugar content and preservatives so I normally buy Organic Honey.Who does not love Litchi right?I saw the ingredients and bought it immediately to try it out.It is by far the best honey I have tasted.Just top it on a ice cream or iced tea or cereal,it is delicious.It has 0% Fat,0% Cholesterol,0% Sodium,isn’t that great?Since this comes in glass jar,I was worried it might be damaged during transit.But it was packed really well.

4)Vedic Delite Neem Wooden Combs

Vedic Delite Neem Wooden Combs


Rs.170 & Rs.199. To buy click HERE and HERE.
For the longest time,I have been hunting for wooden combs.Why you may ask me?Well the answer is simple-Wooden combs reduce friction between hair and comb unlike plastic combs so thereby reduces hair fall and spilts ends.It is also known to improve blood circulation to the scalp and promote hair growth.Additionally it is made of Neem so it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties too.Need I say more?

5)Nurture Chemical Free Sanitary Pads

Nurture Chemical Free Sanitary Pads


Rs.150 for a pack of 10 pads | Rs.600 for 4(3+1 free pack) | Rs.450 for 3 (2+1 free pack)
To buy click HERE and HERE.
I alternate between pads and tampons.Whisper Ultra has really become useless,it is not as good as it used to be.So my search lead to Nurture Pads.If you are one who faces rashes or any discomfort,then you should definitely check it out.It is 350mm long,made of natural cotton fibres, fragrance-free,chemical-free,bleach/chlorine-free,hypoallergenic,prevents leaks/tears.Best far the best pad I have used.Definite repurchase!It is decently priced plus you can save a couple of bucks when you combo packs.

They also sent me a free Jute Tote Bag which really a nice gesture from them. Website Review

Overall my experience was pleasant and I faced no issues either.I am impressed with the certain brands and products they cater.I am happy with their service and I see myself shopping from them again.If I had to point out one negative,it would be faster dispatching and shipping.If you love organic and herbal products,you are in for a treat with guys should definitely check it out!

My Rating:4/5

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