PR:Avene Dry Touch Emulsion Sun Care

This is a press release for Avene Dry Touch Emulsion Sun Care Range.


The New formula of Avene Dry Touch Emulsion Sun Care is Broad-spectrum protection from UVA & UVB rays which is :
  • Lightweight.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Transparent.
  • Matte finish.
  • It is suitable for very safe for sensitive skin.
  • Water resistant.
  •  Easy to apply.
  • Its perfect for Indian weather and skin.
Now, Avène, an acclaimed brand of the French group Pierre Fabre, which has been globally recognised and recommended by dermatologists for its range of products for sensitive skin, comes to your rescue, inspired by their experience in Brazil/Bringing specialised innovation for Indian consumers in the form of a sun care range that still offers a Very High protection for sensitive skin, but also has an Emulsion with the ​​all-new Dry Touch texture that’s perfect for oily to combination skin in hot and humid weather conditions!

The Unique Dry Touch Experience

Squeeze the Emulsion from the specially created air-free tube… you’ll feel the difference in the texture as soon as it’s on your skin. The lightweight formula sits easily even when liberally applied (as it should be, for the best and most complete protection) and lets your skin breathe easily too. It’s transparent on application, so you won’t have that unnatural white cast or spots. Moisturising yet non-sticky, it offers a mattifying effect so your skin appears natural and nourished.

The new formula offers a less greasy feel than other sun protection products:

The patented seboregulatoractive ingredient Glyceryl Laurate inhibits sebocyte proliferation as well as 5α-reductase, the main trigger factor of hyperseborrhea. It also initiates anti-microbial action on P. acnes and does not exacerbate hyper-production of sebum. In short, it keeps the skin non-greasy and free of acne and blemishes.

Protection before all: what makes Avène Very High protection so special?

Avène Very High Protection suncare range offers a triple protection using mostly mineral and organic filters which are carefully selected to ensure that they don’t irritate the skin.

Staying power:

Photostability, which ensures that the sun protection does not present any signs of diminished protection after application to the skin, is one of the most important factors. At its core are four photoprotectors – Tinosorb M (the only micronised organic screen), and chemical filters Tinosorb S, Parsol 1789 and Uvasorb HEB – which are photostable and water resistant. This stable, Octocrylene-free and silicone-free formula, which has been patented by the Pierre Fabre Group, offers maximum efficacy with the minimum of filter concentration.

Preventing skin damage:

The second layer is a powerful and photostable anti-oxidant called Pre-Tocopheryl, which binds the free radicals created by oxidation of the skin and stops them from causing damage to the body’s cells, thus preventing the effects of ageing. It also slows melanin production.


The third unique active ingredient is Avène Thermal Spring Water, with all its soothing and anti-irritant properties. In fact, this Avène Thermal Spring Water is the basis for Avène’s entire skincare range, as it has a special composition that makes it very effective at soothing sensitive skin, especially during and after sun exposure.

The Products:

New Dry Touch Emulsion – For Face- For normal to combination skin: 50 ml tube for Rs 1250
​​Very High Protection ​​Cream-FOR FACE-For Dry skin,Fragrance-free 50 ml tube for Rs 1250
Very High Protection ​​Spray-FOR BODY-Easy to spread – 200ml spray bottle for Rs 2050
High Protection ​​Lip Balm-FOR LIPS-Perfect for the lips, the SPF 30 Sun​ ​stick is easy to slip into a beach bag. – 3g tube for Rs 650

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray: 150 ml spray for 1090 INR and 50 ml spray for 550 INR (For relief from irritation, redness and inflammation)

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