PR:Nivea Talcum Powder

This is press release from Nivea.

Beat The Summer With The Right Talcum Powder

Take your personal care to the next level by using a good Talcum Powder. Using a good talcum powder can make a big difference to your body odour and will also make you feel fresh during summer.

NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd, an affiliate of Beiersdorf AG and the world’s Number 1 Skin care brand introduces Pure Talc and Musk Talc Powder with a new and innovating packaging.
You are sure to feel refreshed throughout the day with this Talcum Powder. It is available in 2 variants
  • Nivea Pure Talc (400 g) Price: Rs. 140/-
  •  Nivea Pure Talc (100g) Price: Rs. 60/-
  • Nivea Musk Talc (100g) Price: Rs.60/-
  • Nivea Musk Talc (400g) Price: Rs. 140/-

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