Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera & Aloe vera-Peach-Avocado Gels Review

Hi Everyone,
Since I have oily-acne prone skin,I go easy on moisturisers.I always opt for oil-free,non-comedogenic moisturisers.One such favourite of mine is Aloe veda Aloe vera Skin Nourishing Gel,I absolutely love it and go through zillions of tubs.Another brand of aloe vera gel which keeps popping up is Rustic Art Aloe vera gels.Its a relatively new brand for me and one of my readers suggested it so thought I will check it out.Rustic Art makes these gels in many versions and today I will be reviewing two of them Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera gel and Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera-Peach & Avocado Gel.
Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera & Aloe vera-Peach-Avocado Gels Review

My Skin Type:

Oily-acne prone skin.


Rustic Art Aloe vera gel:Aloe vera,lemon Extracts,Natural Preservative of TCLS.
Rustic Art Aloe vera-Peach & Avocado gel: Organic Aloe vera,Peach & Avocado extracts, Vitamin E,Natural Preservative of TCLS.


1)Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera Gel-Rs.200 for 100grams.
2)Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera-Peach &Avocado Gel-Rs.300 for 100grams.
3)Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera-Orange & Cinnamom Gel-Rs.290 for 100grams.
4)Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera-Papaya Gel-Rs.300 for 100grams.
5)Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera-Lavender Gel-Rs.320 for 100grams.
6)Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera-Neem Basil Gel-Rs.320 for 100grams.


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Product Description & Swatches:

Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera & Aloe vera-Peach-Avocado Gels Review
Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera & Aloe vera-Peach-Avocado Gels Review
Rustic Art Organic Aloe vera & Aloe vera-Peach-Avocado Gels Review


1)They are oil-free,non-comedogenic,gel based products.
2)Aloe vera gels are multi-purpose gels which can be used as moisturisers,to soothe rashes /infections /inflammations /acne / nappy rashes/ sun burns/ allergies/ blisters/ insect bites/ cuts/ burns,as after shave among others.
3)These gels are additive-free,paraben-free,cruelty-free,vegan products.
4)These gels are lovely,refreshing and soothe skin.
5)They do not make skin oily/greasy.
6)It is suitable for all skin types,especially oily-acne prone skin types.
7)The natural preservative TCLS is a blend of turmeric,clove,lemon and sesame.
8)Aloe vera gel is fragrance-free and colorants-free.Rest other variants have subtle fragrances and food grade colorants.



1)Tub packaging is not hygienic.Filmsy plastic packaging is not sturdy either.
2)Easy availability might be an issue.
3)Expensive for aloe vera gels.
4)May not be sufficient moisturisation for dry skin.

Directions for use:

Apply aloe vera gel on the area and lightly massage it.Apply it as and when required.

Final Verdict:

Aloe vera gels are just amazing and serve as multi-purpose gels from moisturiser to soothe all kinds of skin irritations.They are suitable from babies to adults.They don’t burn a hole in the pocket either.There are many aloe vera gels in the market but so far I have liked only two brands: Aloe veda Aloe vera Skin Nourishing Gel and Rustic Art Aloe vera gels.
I have used almost 5 tubs of Rustic Art Aloe vera gels and I can honestly say they are really good.I also like they are many other variants.The Peach & Avocado Aloe vera gel is equally good too.I use them as facial moisturisers.They are great for oily-acne prone skin and for summers.I also use them after shaving/waxing to soothe the skin and as hand/body cream.Except for the price,I find Rustic Art Aloe vera gels really good.

My Rating:4/5

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