Best Compact Powders For Oily/Acne Prone Skin

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Continuing the Make up for oily-acne prone series, Today I will be compiling Best Compact Powders for Oily/Acne prone skin.This is a compilation of Indian to International brands,Drugstore to high ends brands which are oil-free and non-comedogenic compact powders.And yes don’t forget to check out: Best Foundations for Oily/Acne Prone Skin.

1)Loreal Paris True Match Press Powder

This is super finely milled powder with gives good coverage without making it cakey and lasts long too.A little powder goes a long way.This compact is also available in wide array of shades from cool tones to neutral tones to warm tones.It gives a very natural look.
Cost: Rs.975 for 9 grams.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Amazon.
Rating: 4/5

2)Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder

A budget compact from Maybelline.It is a mattifying compact/powder and provides decent oil control for 4-5 hours.Do not go overboard if this compact as it make it cakey.
Cost: Rs.475 for 9grams.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Amazon.
Rating: 3.5/5

3)Maybelline Dream Satin Two Way Cake Foundation

This is new launch from Maybelline,successor of dream matte compact.It is finely milled compact with SPF 30,provides decent oil control and coverage.Only issue is limitation of shades.Though it says it can be used as wet and dry compact,the dry version works best.
Cost: Rs.550 for 9grams.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Amazon.
Rating: 4/5

4)Street wear All  Day Wear Compact

This is one of the first compacts I tried and definitely a favorite.It gives high coverage for a compact and matte finish.Excellent oil control and works great for oily-acne prone skin.It does oxidize on skin after a while.Currently this might not be easily available.It is one of the most affordable compact.The new color rich compact isn’t as good as this matte compact.
Cost: Rs.210 for 10grams.
Rating: 4.5/5

5)Chambor Luminous Compact Powder

This one comes in a luxurious packaging with 3 shades.It is matte compact with medium coverage with yellow tones.
Cost: Rs.1275 for 10grams.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Shopperstop
Rating: 4/5

6)Loreal Paris Infallible 24h Powder Foundation


Another new launch from Loreal,this is complete matte finish compact which is great for oily skin.It gives a very natural finish.Though Loreal is supposed to have a good array of shades,this particular range lacks a good selection of shades.
Cost: Rs.1250 for 9grams.
Availability: Buy Online on FlipkartAmazon.
Rating: 4/5

7)Revlon Photoready Powder Compact/ Two Way Foundation

The Revlon Photoready range caters pretty well for the oily skin folks.It provides medium coverage.Again there are very limited number of shades available.
Cost: Rs1100 for 7.1grams/ Rs.1300 for 10.5grams.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Amazon.
Rating: 4/5

8)Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation

Another personal favourite of mine,it is not exactly easily available here.But you can always buy from Ebay or Amazon.High coverage,Mineral Make up Foundation which is long lasting and Mattifying Powder.It is available in good number of shades.
Cost: Approximately around $6-8.
Availability: Buy Online on Ebay / Amazon.
Rating: 4.75/5


9)Loreal True Match Mineral Make up Foundation

The only brand in India to introduce Mineral make up which is great for oily-acne prone skin.It is high coverage,matte finish setting compact.It comes with kabuki brush.
Cost: Rs.1350 for 9grams.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Amazon.
Rating: 4.5/5

10)MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

MAC need no introduction.This is a medium coverage powder which gives matte finish.
Cost:Rs.2499 for 18grams.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart.
Rating: 4/5

12)Maybelline Clear All In One Fairness Compact Powder

Another budget compact comes in 4 shades + 1 translucent shade.It has SPF 26 and it is pretty good for the price.
Cost:Rs.199 for 18grams.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart /Amazon.
Rating: 3/5

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