Best Feminine Intimate Washes

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Feminine Hygiene scenario has definitely changed in India.Women are more and more aware about it and good number of options are available to cater to the special needs of it.For importance of feminine hygiene and usage directions,read HERE. They prevent infections,maintain PH level and promote intimate health.

Currently,the Indian market is flooded with such products.I have tried most of them,but only few suited and rest caused skin irritation or didn’t quite prove enough to be beneficial.So today I will be rounding up Best Feminine Intimate Washes available in India so that you can pick your product wisely,keeping in mind the sensitive requirements.And yes these intimate washes are recommended by doctors too and available over the counter without any prescriptions.

1)Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Best Feminine Intimate Washes in India
This is hand down,the best intimate wash I have used.It is free from harsh chemicals,surfactants,SLS and parabens.It contains good herbal formulation which is beneficial to the flora and fauna of intimate area.I can vouch for its effectiveness,treats infections and definitely promotes good v*ginal health.Read complete review HERE.
Price: Rs.180 for 105ml.
Availability: Buy on Flipkart /Amazon
My Rating: 4.9/5

2)V Wash Plus

Best Feminine Intimate Washes in India


V Wash Plus is from Glenmark.This is also lactic acid cleaner for the intimate area,free from SLS and parabens.It comes in gel form with Buckthorn and Tea Tree extracts which prevents infections.
Price: Rs.150 for 100ml
Availability: Buy on Flipkart /Amazon
My Rating: 4/5

3)Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Wash

Best Feminine Intimate Washes in India
This is a good feminine hygiene wash which is essentially a lactic acid and lacto serum which is close to the PH level of v*gina.It is also paraben free.
Price: Rs160 for 100ml.
Availability: Buy on ClickOnCare
My Rating: 4/5

4)Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash

Best Feminine Intimate Washes in India
Sebamed needs no introduction,I am big fan Sebamed skin care products.This feminine intimate wash is soap-free and paraben-free.It contains aloe vera,bisabolol and lactic acid which basically soothes and moisturises intimate area.
Price: Rs.650 for 200ml.
Availability: Buy on Flipkart /Amazon
My Rating: 4/5

5)Bella Feminine Wash

Best Feminine Intimate Washes in India
Most of the Bella products really good and definitely fulfill the needs.It is mild,gel based cleanser.It contains Panthenol,Allantoin,Lactic acid so cleanses without irritating the skin.Though I do wish it was SLS-free and easily available.
Price: 219 for 300ml.
Availability: Buy on Amazon
My Rating: 4/5

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