PR:Nivea Men Body Deodoriser & Active Clean Shower Gel with Active Charcoal

This is press release from Nivea.

1)Nivea Men Body Deodoriser

No more having to run-off to the bathroom and spraying yourself before stepping out for a meeting or going in the lift. No more having to constantly feel insecure about your body odour and people’s reactions to it. One spray at the beginning of your day and you are done for the day! Smell good, feel good and perform great!
The NIVEA MEN Body Deodorizer will be available in 120 ml gas free packs with two distinct fragrances Ice Cool and Energy. Priced at Rs. 250, the roll out begins with modern and general retail outlets across top 30 metros and towns of India.To buy on Amazon,click HERE.

2)NIVEA MEN Active Clean Shower Gel with Active Charcoal

The first shower gel with natural Active Charcoal: extra-deep cleansing without drying out your skin. A man’s everyday life can be dirty work, whether its traveling to work in the hot sun, going for a hard & sweaty workout or playing that weekly game of cricket with friends. After he’s done, a refreshing shower helps to wash off the day. With the right tools, it does not only revive the spirit but also makes him feel thoroughly clean.The new shower formula contains natural Active Charcoal that cleanses the skin and removes even the strong dirt and odors so you feel revitalized and refreshed. The mild silver shower gel transforms into white caring foam, cleansing the body thoroughly and leaving a sensation of deep cleanliness on the skin without any irritation. The skin feels revitalized.

There’s more!The NIVEA MEN Active Clean Shower Gel is a convenient 3-in-1 formulation that can be used on Face, Body & Hair!

The NIVEA MEN Active Clean Shower Gel is priced at MRP Rs. 185/- for 250ml and is available at all major cities.To buy on Amazon,click HERE.

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