5 Advantages of Mineral Makeup over Regular Makeup

This is a guest post from Pauline from Young Blood Cosmetics.
Minerals were popularly used as makeup ingredients by ancient Egyptian and Roman women.Around the 1970s, when cosmetic companies were mandated to disclose their ingredients to consumers, a list that revealed toxic chemicals in alarming proportions shocked the public. This made many health-conscious women look for alternate sources of makeup, and that’s how natural minerals (and natural makeup) reappeared on the dressing tables of modern women.
Mineral makeup is loose or pressed powder consisting of naturally occurring inorganic materials such as bismuth oxychloride, boron nitride, mica, talc, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. The main advantage of mineral makeup is in what it lacks than in what it contains. It does not contain binders and waterproof ingredients that stick to your skin, causing bacterial skin infection. Here are 5 advantages of mineral makeup over regular makeup.

1)It is anti-inflammatory:

Though there is no medical backing to the anti-inflammatory claims of mineral makeup, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide ingredients present in mineral makeup do have proven anti-inflammatory properties. Mineral makeup, unlike regular makeup, does not contain any preservatives or fragrances which are the main causes of skin irritation. At its best, mineral makeup has soothing properties if not curing properties.

2)It feels light:

Regular makeup is oil-based, so it could clog the pores and aggravate skin problems. On the other hand, mineral makeup is powder-based and therefore does not clog the pores. It allows the skin to breathe. The hassle of makeup breakout can be avoided by using mineral makeup. It keeps the skin light and dry with a matte finish. Indeed a freedom from sticky-feeling skin!

3)Easy & quick to apply:

Due to its oil-based nature, regular makeup takes considerable time and effort to apply. But since mineral makeup is powder-based, it has easy applicability and workability on the skin. The different layers of mineral makeup can be easily blended with minimal makeup applicators. It can help you achieve that flawless look with less effort and time – quite a big advantage for busy women.

4)Acts as a sunscreen:

Titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide are the key ingredients in mineral makeup that act as natural sunscreen elements. They are ‘physical’ sunscreens that reflect UV rays as opposed to the chemical or organic regular makeup sunscreens which absorb UV rays. But a normal quantity of applications can protect you from UV rays for only up to 15 minutes. For a longer duration exposure to the sun, you should apply your mineral makeup in larger quantities.

5)It is light reflective:

Which woman would not wish for that ‘moonlight radiance’ on her face? It is very easy to get that effect with mineral makeup. Regular makeup works by hiding or covering skin imperfections, whereas mineral makeup reflects the light that falls on the imperfect spots on the skin. Mineral makeup uses tiny mineral particles like crushed pearls, titanium dioxide, and mica to reflect light away from dark spots, wrinkles, and blemishes, making them invisible. Finally, what you get is an even luminous finish for your skin.

Based on the above advantages, mineral makeup is highly recommended for women with sensitive and/or oily skin. But it is also important that you know how to pick the right mineral makeup for you.Look for one with a shorter ingredient list. A short list means no fillers or additives that can compromise on the purity and proportion of the mineral content in the makeup. Overall, mineral makeup is not just a cosmetic but an extension of your skin care.

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