Can Certain Foods Trigger Acne Breakouts?

Hi Everyone,
The agony of acne prone folks is never ending.There are so many factors which can trigger and cause acne but not many people know even eating certain category of food-be it chocolates or milk or oily food or anything for the matter of fact can just about give you face full of breakouts.Its really horrible when you can’t even eat,something that you like or love.So how exactly to counter this problem?Read along to find out more about it.

Why do consuming certain type of foods trigger acne?

Normally foods with high fat content or high carbohydrates or glycemic index, increase blood sugar/insulin and androgen levels which further:

  • Clog pores.
  • Causes excess Sebum/Oil production.
  • Stimulates P.Acnes bacteria growth which lead to breakouts.

What are types of foods can cause acne?

The type of food that causes acne varies from person to person.Here are the most common foods that can trigger acne:
  • Dairy products-Milk,Cheese,Paneer,Butter etc.
  • Chocolates.
  • Sweets,Sugar.
  • Wheat products-Bread,Bagel etc.
  • Coffee.
  • Oily/Greasy/Deep fried/Fatty foods-Burgers,Fries,Pizzas,Bajji/Bondas.Chips etc.
  • Nuts-Almonds,Cashew nuts,Peanuts etc.
  • Carbonated drinks,Sodas.
  • High Carbohydrates/Gluten contents like Potatoes,Flours.
  • High Salt Intake-Processed Foods,Junk Food,Chips,Spicy Food.
  • Cooking oils-Coconut oil,Canola oil,Vegetable oil.
  • Meat.
  • Alcohol.
  • Certain fruits like Mangoes,Bananas etc

How do I know which food is breaking me out?

Well you will have to become your own detective and figure out it by writing down what you ate and time of breakouts.After trail and error,you will be able to find out which foods trigger acne breakouts in your case.

How exactly should one counter food allergies and prevent acne breakouts?

  • Opt for vegan diet, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich vitamins,flavonoids, antioxidants, zinc, selenium, high fibre/roughage which heal inflammations.
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Switch to other cooking oils like rice bran oil, olive oils, sunflower oils etc.
  • Minimize Carbohydrate and Sugar Intake.
  • Eliminate problems causing food and looking for alternatives.
  • If Milk causes acne then avoid milk and switch to other alternatives like coconut milk, almond milk, soya milk etc.
  • If Coffee breaks you out then switch to organic teas.
  • If you have a sweet tooth,then switch to eating small treats like blueberries, strawberries etc

My Experience & Final Words:

I generally breakout when I eat junk food and oily food.Every time I eat oily food in some form, I get breakouts in a couple of hours.So in order to save myself from the agony of waking up to new breakouts,I pay attention to what I eat and avoid foods that can lead to pimples.You can also check out: my forum discussion on this topic.Its tough but diet also plays a major role in acne.Acne is internal health issue so what you eat totally makes a difference with respect your skin.Despite your best efforts in taking care of your skin and yet you are breaking out then food allergy is something you should consider.If you have any other questions,please let me know in the comments below.Hope you find this post helpful.

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