Aloe Veda Aloe Vera Nourishing Skin Gel Review

Today I will be reviewing Aloe Veda Aloe Vera Gel,which is a very good moisturiser for All skin types specially Oily/Acne prone skin. Before proceeding to the review,here is a little snippet of Aloe-Vera.Aloe-Vera is a gel extracted from stems of Aloe-Vera Plants. It is Antibacterial, Antiseptic, Antiviral, Anti fungal! Phew that’s a long list right !Aloe Vera’s active ingredients are Sulphur, Lupeol, Salicylic acid, Cinnamic acid, Urea nitrogen and Phenol which prevent the growth of disease-causing virus and bacteria.

My Skin Type:

Oily and Acne prone skin.

Key Ingredients: 

Aloe Vera Gel-98% , Green Tea Extracts-2% , Vitamin E Milli Capsules.


 Rs 90 for 125grams.


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1.It is Tinted Green Gel with tiny tiny white Vitamin E capsules.

2.As you can see in the photos above,it very easily get absorbed by skin without leaving any oil film/residue.

3.It is Oil-Free Moisturizer and Non-Comedogenic.
4.It is Herbal Formulation from Aloe Veda.
5.It also contains Green Tea Extracts and Vitamin E which have amazing skin benefits.

6.It can also help Mild Acne cases.


8.Since it contains Aloe vera, it is very soothing upon application.

9.This is just not a Moisturiser, but can also be used for Sunburns,Cold Sores too.

10.No irritation reported.

11.It is suitable for All Skin Types.

12.Easy availability and very affordable.

13.It comes in a small tub which is convenient to carry in a handbag/travel.


1.It has artificial colour and fragrance.

2.Complete ingredient list not disclosed.

Directions for Use:

Just take the required quantity of gel and rub it until it is completely absorbed.

Final Verdict:

I am using this product as a Moisturiser for 2 months. It is a pretty good product and I am satisfied.No faults or issues as such.But may be during Winters or for Dry Skin folks, it is not a sufficient moisturiser. I also use this as a hand cream for winters.

My Rating:5/5

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