Sunprotect SPF 26 Sunscreen Lotion Review

Yesterday I reviewed Sunprotect SPF 50 Sunscreen from Torrent Pharma which you can check out here. Today I will be reviewing Sunprotect SPF 26 Sunscreen Lotion from the same company Torrent Pharma. Read along to find out more about it.

My Skin Type:

Oily and acne-prone skin.


Octinoxate U.S.P-7.5%w/w
Avobenzone U.S.P-3.00%w/w
Oxybenzone U.S.P-3.00%w/w
Titanium Oxide I.P-2.00%w/w
Methyl Paraben I.P(As Preservative)-0.2%w/w
Propyl Paraben I.P(As Preservative)-0.02%w/w
Excipients   q.s


Torrent Pharma.


SPF 26-Rs 115 for 60 ml | Rs 279 for 100ml.


Buy Online from HERE.

Product Claim:

Sunprotect SPF 26 Sunscreen Lotion Review


Sunprotect SPF 26 Sunscreen Lotion Review


1)It is non-comedogenic sunscreen.
2)It is SPF 26 sunscreen.
3)It provides broad spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays.
4)It comes in a handy pump bottle.
5)It does not break me out.
6)It is suitable for all skin types.
7)It does not make face greasy.
8)Easy availability and affordable.


1)It is a very runny lotion.
2)SPF 26 might not enough for outdoors.

3)It contains parabens.

4)It leaves white cast.

Directions for use:

Apply sunscreen on cleansed face/body,20 minutes before stepping outside.


It is available in all medical stores.
It is also available online from sites like: to limited cities only)

Final Verdict:

I have used both SPF 26 and SPF 50 version.I find SPF 50 version better especially if your outdoors.If you are indoors most of the time then SPF 26 will do for you.Two major dislikes will be it leaves white cast and I do not like lotions.Both sunscreens have different composition:SPF 26 has Titanium oxide and SPF 50 has Zinc oxide and Octocrylene.Overall average sunscreen!
Note:For review of Sunprotect SPF 50 sunscreen review,click here.

My Rating:3/5

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