Use These 7 Tips to Get the Home Gym of Your Dreams

When you’re turning your basement into a home gym, there are probably a variety of things you’re thinking about. Of course, you want to make sure that your gym works perfectly for your specific exercise preferences, but there are other things to consider as well. Here are seven tips to follow if you want the best possible basement turned home gym.

1. Manage Your Basement Moisture Problems

Many basements have moisture problems. When you’re dealing with a basement home gym, however, you need to make sure those moisture problems are under control. Whether it’s full encapsulation or just a basement dehumidifier, managing moisture will keep the basement healthy.

2. Protect Your Basement Floors

Adding some kind of basement floor protection is almost certainly going to be one of the things on your “to-do” list. This is important whether you’re doing deadlifting with heavy weights or you’re just going to walk all over the basement floors in sneakers.

3. Consider the Installation Process

Sure, it might sound like a good idea to get a gigantic set of gym equipment for your new home gym, but what if you have to haul that equipment through your home and down a narrow set of stairs? Think about how you’re going to install the equipment you’re interested in.


4. Add Media to Your Space

From a Bluetooth speaker to a high-quality projector, media can absolutely make a difference when it comes to how much you enjoy exercising in your new home gym. Add a set of speakers to completely overhaul the way you feel about your daily jog.

5. Install Basement Floor Heating

This can be helpful for many home gyms, but it’s especially helpful if you’re doing a type of exercise that relies on being in bare feet. The cold concrete can be extremely damaging for exercises like yoga and Pilates. Adding basement floor heating can make it much easier.

6. Always Think About Your Home’s Structural Strength

In general, structural strength is one of the things that you want to pay the most attention to in your home. If you’re hanging something from the ceiling, like an extremely heavy punching bag or a swing for aerial acrobatics, make sure the ceiling can handle its weight.

7. Make the Most of Your Basement Height

Not every basement is going to have the same height; some will be taller than others. However, even if your basement is on the shorter side, you can still make the most of that height with some tips, like having an exposed basement ceiling.


These seven tips are some of the best ways to make the most of your basement. When you turn your basement into a home gym, you get the best parts of a basement and the best parts of a home gym all at once. Make sure you implement as many of these tips as you can, so you can have a truly high-quality home gym in your own basement.

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