The Basics and Importance of Skin Routine/Regimen

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If you have been following my blog then you know how much I stress on the importance of following proper and systematic skin care regimen,irrespective of the age and gender.I have learnt it the hard way and I committed my own share of mistakes until I realised the need of a skin care routine and the benefits that can be attained from it.So in today’s post,I will be explaining skin care basics and how to design your own skin care routine based on your skin type.

What is the importance of skin care routine/regimen?

Skin is largest organ of the body which is exposed to a lot of damage from the sun, dust, pollution, germs/infections, harsh chemicals which turn causes pre-mature aging , uneven skin tone , hyperpigmentation, clog pores cause acne, acne scars/blemishes.Basically making healthy skin into a unhealthy problematic skin type.Thereby,a following a skin care routine is beneficial for the long haul as it gives skin a healthy,clear and youthful look.

How do I know which Skin care products to choose?

  • Learn your Skin type-It can be Normal, Dry, Oily, Acne prone, Combination or Sensitive Skin.Each skin type has their own set of requirements which will not necessary suit the other skin types.So always choose products based on your skin type.
  • Skin Type
    Type of Products to be Used:
    Normal Skin:
    Radiant & Clear Skin with almost no imperfections.Barely visible skin pores. Moisturising,Cream based products
    Dry Skin:
    Stretchy skin lacking moisture,Dull complexion. Rich,Hydrating and Emollient based products
    Oily/Acne prone Skin:
    Greasy Skin,Blemish Prone,Large pores with acne. Oil-free,Gel based,Non-comedogenic products
    Combination Skin:
    Normal skin with Oily T Zone or vice versa,some visible pores. Light-weight lotions or gels,Non-comedogenic products.
    Sensitive Skin:
    Skin easily gets irritated, Dryness, Redness, Rashes, Skin eruptions, Cosmetic Allergy. Mild,Hypo-allergenic and Dermatologically Tested products
  • Next important criteria is your age.As you age,skin also ages,looses elasticity,collagen so right kind of products has to be used.It is basically divided into 3 primary age groups: 20+ /30+ /40+.
  • Invest your time first in researching your products and their ingredients before purchasing them.Do not buy products because of the blatant claims and marketing.See if they are really beneficial for the skin and fix your skin problems.

What Ingredients should I look for while choosing products?

Choosing products depends on the skin concerns.
Age Group
Skin Concerns
Age Group 20+
Oily Skin,Acne,Blemish prone Skin. Products containing AHA/BHA like Glycolic acid,Salicylic acid,Retinoids.
Age Group 30+
Appearance of fine lines,wrinkles, Uneven Skin tone. Products containing Retinoids,Vitamin C,K,Hyaluronic acid,Glycolic acid.
Age Group 40+
Dry& Mature skin, Loss of Collagen, Wrinkles ,Hyper-pigmentation Products containing Peptides, Ceramides, Retinoids,Glycolic acid,Vitamin C/K,Q10 enzymes.

What products are necessary in a Skin Care Routine/Regime?

Skin Care Product
Product Recommendations
A good ,soap-free& mild cleanser to required to remove oil,dirt,grime,skin debris,make up build up.Avoid soap bars as they have high PH levels.
2)Toner (Optional Step)
Toners remove last traces of make up,grime after cleansing.Opt for water based toners and avoid alcohol based toners as they irritate the skin.
5)Nivea Visage Toners
Very important part of skin care routine.Use a broad spectrum sunscreen during day to prevent sun tan,premature aging.
4)Sebamed Suncare Multiprotect SPF 30/50+
5)Avene Very High Protection SPF 30/50
6)Bioderma Photoderm Spot SPF 50+
4)Moisturiser/Day-Night Cream
Moisturises and prevents skin from dryness and repair skin.

5)Anti-Aging Creams/Serums/Night Treatments:
(For Age group 25+)
To prevent and smoothen out fine lines,wrinkles and lighten skin discolourations. 1)Facemed gel
2)Liftage Anti-Aging Cream
3)Avene Ystheal/ Eluage Cream / Emulsion
4)Sebamed Q10 Anti-Aging Cream
5)Kaya Antox Vitamin C Serum
6)Kaya Fairness Day/Night Cream
6)Exfoliants Once or twice a week use a mild exfoliant which contains AHA/BHA’s for removing dead skin cells,unclogging pores and promote skin renewal.Kindly avoid scrubs and opt for glycolic/salicyclic acid cleansers. 1)Glogeous Advanced Face wash Gel
2)Vichy Deep Cleansing Gel
3)Ethiglo Facewash
4)Vichy Normaderm Triactiv
7)Face packs/masks(Optional) A little pampering hurts no one!Apply a face mask once or twice a week.They also help in skin exfoliation. 1)Himalaya Herbals Clarifying Mud Pack
2)Avene Clenance Mask
3)Vichy Normaderm Triactiv
4)Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
Targeted Treaments:
1)Uneven Skin Tone/Hyper-pigmentation/Skin Lightening Treatments
To lighten blemishes,acne scars products containing Kojic acid,Arbutin,Niacinamide,Liquorice,Vitamin A/C/K,Glycolic acid,Retinoids etc
1)KojiGlo Gel
3)Facemed Gel
2)Acne Treatments
To unclog pores,remove dead skin cells,kill acne causing bacteria,prevent acne.
3)Acne Regimens: Complete skin care system to treat acne and acne scars. 1)Metrogyl Acne regimen-For Mild Acne
2)Epiduo Acne Regimen-For Moderate-Severe Acne
4)Eye Creams To lighten dark circles,puffy eyes and prevent fine lines/wrinkles. 1)Eyelite Advanced Eye Correcting Eye Cream
2)Sebamed Anti-Aging Q10 Lifting Eye Cream

Does Skin Care Regimen fix all the skin problems?

Well not completely!Skin care regimen definitely helps but the state of your skin suggests your health condition.If your skin is clear,you are most likely to have a clean bill of health.If you are facing skin problems like acne or pigmentation etc then you are mostly facing from hormonal disorders or deficiencies.Hence skin problems are triggered by underlying health condition. Then kindly visit a doctor and get yourself treated for it.

What is the sequence or order of products to be used?Which product goes first?

Cleanser+ Toner(Optional)+ Sunscreen(Wait for 20 minutes before next product goes on)+  Moisturiser/Day Cream+ Make up.
Reapply Sunscreen after 2-3 hours.
Make up Removal(For Women) + Cleanser+ Toner(Optional)+ Night Cream/Serum/Acne Treatment/Anti-Aging Cream/Skin lightening Treament.

What else should I do apart from following a Good Skin care routine?

  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet.Avoid Junk food.
  • Exercise well.
  • Sleep 6-8 hours in a day.
  • Take good care of health and get regular health check-ups done.
  • Follow good personal hygiene habits.
  • When you notice any changes in skin or health,do not neglect.Get yourself treated at the earliest.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking.

So,That’s all folks.I tried to cover as much as possible regarding skin care and routines in a single post.I have also listed product options for Indian and International readers from drugstore to high end brands.Hope you find this information helpful.If you want me to do detailed post on age groups or regimes,just drop a comment a below.

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