Basic Make-up Brushes for Beginners

Today I will be discussing Make-up basics-Make-up Brushes.I actually wanted to this post in the beginning but with the new year’s and party season, I went ahead with party makeup and smoky eye tutorials so better late than never right! So here are quintessential makeup brushes every gal must own.


1)Eye Shadow Brush.

This is brush used to apply eye-shadow.This brush can also be used to smudge eye liner under the lash line or highlight the crease.

2)Blending Brush.

This is a must have a brush to create a smoky-eye or blend eye shadow on the crease.

3)Brow Brush.

This brush is used to brush the eye brows.It can also be used to apply mascara.The comb side is used to comb the lashes to remove excess mascara.

 4)Flat Brush.

This brush is used apply or highlight inner eye corners.This can also be used for apply liquid or gel liners and lipsticks.



1)Concealer Brush.

This brush is used to apply concealer.They are small brushes used to apply concealer with precision on blemishes, dark circles etc.

 2)Foundation Brush.

This brush is used to apply liquid or cream foundations.If you do not prefer brush to apply foundation,you can apply using your hands or opt for sponges/puffs.

 3)Powder Brush.

This is a must have brush to apply compact/pressed powder/mineral powder.

4)Blush Brush.

This brush is used to apply blush on cheekbones.They are also available in angled brushes.

 5)Highlighter Brush.

This brush is used to apply bronzer or highlighter or contour the face.





This brush is to apply lipstick on lips. This is better because it is easier to control the lipstick pigmentation and filling.



These are relatively new and amazing multi-purpose brushes. It is apply easy to apply make with these brushes.They are available in various sizes and shapes.Kabuki brushes can be used to apply foundation, powders ,blush etc. This is bit pricier than other brushes.


Make up brushes are available separately as well as sets.It is available in all cosmetic & beauty stores.
Brands available in India are Vega, Audrey’s, Basicare, Faces, Colorbar,M.A.C etc .
It is also available online from sites like:


I normally buy my brushes from using a paypal account for very reasonable prices.The quality is also very good.


Always invest in a good set of brushes.A set can cost any where between Rs.300-1000.

Video Tutorial:

Image 1 Credits:aninafish@flickr

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