How to get rid of pigmented/dark lips?

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One of the frequent queries I get is how to get rid of pigmented lips.This is long pending post and I finally decided to do it.Pigmented lips is one of the common issues faced by both men and women.Everyone wants pink juicy lips but not everyone is blessed with it like me.So read along to find out causes,tips and tricks.

Causes of Pigmented/Dark Lips:

  • Hormonal Imbalance.
  • Sun damage.
  • Lack of moisturisation or hydration.
  • Smoking.
  • Expired or bad quality lip products.
  • Vitamin C deficiency.
  • Drinking very hot coffee/beverage and Eating hot food.
  • Licking of lips.

Tips to avoid pigmented or discoloured Lips:

1)You have heard it a lot of times before,Drink 2-3 litres of water everyday as it prevents lips from dehydration.
How to get rid of pigmented/dark lips?
2)Always apply a good lip balm which moisturises the lips.Chapped lips leads to discolourations.I swear by Maybelline Baby Lips.
3)Dab a little sunscreen on lips or opt for lip products containing sunscreen as they prevent tanning of lips.Some recommendations are Neutrogena Lip Balm SPF 15,Sebamed Lip Defense SPF 30,Avene VHF Lip Balm SPF 30.For more options,click here.
4)Always invest in good quality of lip care products like lip sticks,lip gloss,lip liners etc.
How to get rid of pigmented/dark lips?
5)Look for lip care products containing lightening ingredients like Liquorice,Niacinamide,Lactic acid,Arbutin,Vitamin C,Vitamin E which lightens discolourations.Kaya Pigmentation Reducer gel is a good start which is mild and suitable for application on lips.Just dab a little gel before sleep.
6)Alternatively you can dab a little bit of eye cream on lips before sleeping.Eye creams generally tend have lightening ingredients and and are suitable for sensitive areas like lips,eyes.You can check out eye creams here.
7)My personal favourite tip is to exfoliate using a very soft baby tooth brush once/twice a day.It exfoliates dead skin and lightens pigmentation.
8)You can try a lip scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells using your fingers or a soft baby toothbrush.In another countries,there are tons of lip scrubs available but in India only Forest Essentials has a lip scrub[Review here].
How to get rid of pigmented/dark lips?
9)If you don’t find a lip scrub,you can make one with ingredients available at home.Just make a paste with granulated sugar,olive oil,honey and ghee(clarified butter) or crush pomegranate with sugar.Rub your lips with the mixture using your fingers or tooth brush and wipe it away with a soft cloth.
10)Avoid smoking.The heat from cigarettes and tobacco stains lips. It also affects the oxygen supply.
11)Do not consume very hot foods or beverages.
12)Lightly massage with ice cube over lips for a minute and pat dry with a towel.This increases blood circulation to the lips and lightens discolourations.
How to get rid of pigmented/dark lips?
13)You can also rub a lemon wedge for a minute,couple of times in a week.Lemon contains Vitamin C which lightens discolourations.Just make sure you don’t use lime on very dry or chapped lips.
14)You can alternatively apply potato or beetroot juice as well.They contain enzymes with lightens discolourations.
15)You can crush rose petals and add a little few drops of glycerin and apply on lips.This does wonders for pigmented lips.
How to get rid of pigmented/dark lips?
16)Least but not the least,if you are really in a hurry just apply tinted lip balms or a gorgeous lip colour to camouflage it.Also remember to remove lip make up using a make-up remover before bed.

These are some of my personal tips and tricks to get rid of pigmented lips.If you have a query or if you have your own tips you would like to share,please drop a comment below.

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