Why one shouldn’t shop on Snapdeal.com ?

Hi Everyone,
Its Friday so time for another website review.This time I will be sharing my shopping experience with Snapdeal.com.Previously one of our writers Sangu,had written a detailed review on Snapdeal.com.My experiences with Snapdeal was no different either.Read along to find out more about it.
Recently Fiama Di Wills launched new shower gels.I wrote a press release too which you can check out here.So I wanted to review them.Nykaa had 3 variants which I purchased.But I couldn’t find other 5 variants.
After searching on google, Snapdeal had 3 variants out of 5 so I placed my order for:
  • Fiama Di Wills Enlivening Beads Shower Gel(Purple Bottle).
  • Fiama Di Wills Skin Nourishing Beads Shower Gel(Orange Bottle).
  • Fiama Di Wills Couture Spa For Invigorating Care Shower Gel(Yellow Bottle).
Despite choosing Express Buy which is basically same-day or next delivery,the product was delivered on the third day.I had to pay Rs.30 per item so total of Rs.90 as Express Buy Shipping Charges.
Why one shouldn't shop on Snapdeal.com ?

The real surprise was when I received the order.
  • Packaging was very bad.No bubble wrap or carton box.It was wrapped in a NEWSPAPER,yes you heard it right newspaper and put in Snapdeal plastic cover.3  bottles came in separate packages like these.Sorry I forgot to click the pictures.
  • I could sense it was the old versions of Fiama Di Wills Shower Gel before unwrapping it.When I opened the packing,it was all old versions.
  • The only reason I ordered on Snapdeal was because I wanted the new bottles for review purposes.If I wanted the old ones I would have easily bought it in retail stores near my place.I didn’t have pay extra Rs.90 for this utter nonsense.
  • The website totally displays the new version hence I expected to receive new ones and not old ones.Otherwise I would have not placed the order in the first place.
Why one shouldn't shop on Snapdeal.com ?
  • Then comes the second shocker.The seller conveniently sent Two purple bottles (Enlivening Beads Shower Gel) and One yellow bottle (Couture Spa Shower gel).I did not receive Orange Bottle(Nourishing Beads Shower Gel) at all.
  • The seller easily replaced the orange bottle with purple bottle and sent it to me.
Why one shouldn't shop on Snapdeal.com ?
  • The seller did not communicate regarding the lack of availability and did not even take my approval if he can send a replacement or refund.He just shipped it.
  • All Fiama Di Wills Shower gels come with a free loofah,I did not receive even a single loofah.
  • The products sent were from 2013 batch.Atleast he could have sent fresh batch products,but he didn’t.
  • Then comes the major shocker,it is a non-returnable item!So I had just to retain the items.

Utterly disgusting and poor service from Snapdeal.I bought 3 other Fiama Di Wills Shower Gels from Nykaa and they promptly delivered the new versions of the shower gels.I did not face any issues with Nykaa Order.The order was dispatched in 2 hours and delivered on the second day with no extra charge.

Why one shouldn't shop on Snapdeal.com ?

Here are two more orders which I faced problems:
1)I had placed a order for couple of hand kerchiefs.I placed the order on June 1,2014 and it is still in process as of August 14,2014.Since it non-cancellable order,I can’t cancel it either.
Why one shouldn't shop on Snapdeal.com ?
To test again I placed a fresh order for the same pair of hand kerchiefs,this time order was delivered,only to find out the seller sent totally different set of kerchiefs from what I have ordered.See the picture to judge it yourself.
Why one shouldn't shop on Snapdeal.com ?

2)I was looking for some Bombay Dyeing Bath Towels and only Snapdeal had it so placed my order for 3 bath towels,only to find out,it was fake and made of cheap quality which are not even from Bombay Dyeing.
Why one shouldn't shop on Snapdeal.com ?

Their return and exchange facility only exists virtually. You will have to run behind them for actually registering the complaints.Getting refund is another herculean task!! They do not give cash refund. They offer Snapdeal Cash which is like is a Snapdeal Voucher.I mean seriously who wants to shop again with them after all this?What is the point of it?I just don’t have the time or patience to run behind them. Moral of the story: Snapdeal is horrible, I mean horrible!! Beware don’t shop on Snapdeal.com!!This is the first time ever that I am faced so many issues with an online shopping site.
I mean why display some product image and send some other product Snapdeal? When I posted a negative review based on my experience, Snapdeal did not publish the reviews either till date.People beware do not shop on Snapdeal.com.In my 10 odd years of shopping online,Snapdeal.com has been the worst online shopping portal I have come across.I am not the one to nitpick and it takes a lot to push my buttons.I understand mistakes happen but Snapdeal does not even accept the responsibility and make necessary amends to rectify the problems.I am never again shopping on Snapdeal.com!!!Look how clean and efficiently eBay, Amazon, Flipkart functions even though based on the same trade principle of listings by multiple sellers.In era e-commerce, companies like Snapdeal, still continue to cheat innocent buyers like us!! Snapdeal learns some business sense from Amazon India, Jabong and others. Snapdeal is a total disappointment!!

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