Kitchen Tips to Get You on a Healthy Diet

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Can a kitchen be a diet-friendly place? You might scoff at the idea and consider it a dangerous place to be when you are trying to be on a healthy diet, especially when the cupboards and the fridge are filled with tempting treats. Think again, your kitchen can actually be transformed into a motivational place that can help you to succeed in your quest for being a fitter and slimmer you. Here are some amazing kitchen tips that can help you to stay away from unhealthy foods and become slim.

1)All healthy foods must be kept at an eye’s length.

Kitchen Tips to Get You on a Healthy Diet
According to a study conducted by the Cornell University, it was seen that participants were four times more likely to reach for the first item available in their sight, than the ones that were tucked away in the food cabinet. The study concluded that keeping healthy food accessible and visible at all times can be a great boost in aiding dieting goals. Healthy food items must be made accessible by keeping them in convenient areas, in places that you are likely to look out for food when you are hungry. For example, you can keep a large bowl of freshly cut fruits that are vividly and brightly coloured right in front of your vision, which catches your attention, when you open the refrigerator.

2)Eliminate the need for unhealthy foods or keep them completely out of sight.

In the same way that keeping healthy foods in your peripheral vision is beneficial for your diet, eliminating or keeping away unhealthy foods completely from your sight works just as well. The best way of eliminating junk food from your kitchen is to avoid buying them completely, but if you must stock up on a casual dessert, ensure that it is kept completely hidden from your view, in places where you are likely to look for food when you experience a hunger craving. By storing such foods behind piles of tins, in high places or in far reaching corners of the refrigerator ,whichever helps -it can be useful in preventing mindless binging or can give you the time to think about your food choices when you are trying to rummage for a sweet treat, whether it is really worth to give in to the temptation.

3)Put up motivational quotes on your refrigerator and food cupboards.

Kitchen Tips to Get You on a Healthy Diet

Transform your refrigerator from a house of unhealthy-food-tempter into a motivational reminder of your dietary goals and progress by placing or sticking inspirational magnets in the front of the fridge. You could also consider sticking a favourite or slimmer photograph of your earlier self onto a fridge magnet for a positive reminder on why you must stay away from binging or reaching out for that sinful treat whenever you are tempted to hit the fridge.

4)Keep small serving dishes and plates within your reach.

Kitchen Tips to Get You on a Healthy Diet
In order to stay away from the temptation of over eating, swap your regular sized cutlery and bowls, glasses and plates for smaller sizes. Although most of us are of the opinion that eating standard portion sizes are just about right in controlling our food intake, on the contrary opting for smaller serving sizes can help in deciding how quickly and how much you eat. Another useful tip while making the switch to smaller sized bowls and plates is to opt for a blue colour scheme as it is believed that the colour blue helps in suppressing the appetite.

5)Create a special place to eat.

It is important to set aside a designated place with a table where you can actually sit down and eat your meals, be it in the kitchen or in a separate dining area. What is more important is to ensure that you are seated while eating your food. Eating out of packets or standing up and having your meals greatly increases one’s tendency of over eating. The actual process of serving food onto your plate and sitting down to have it not only cuts down the inclination of thoughtlessly picking at food, but also enhances your awareness of the amount and kind of food you are eating, thus making you appreciate or think twice about eating your meals.

6)Spice up your cabinets.

Kitchen Tips to Get You on a Healthy Diet

Now that your refrigerator and food cabinet is packed with healthy food choices, it’s time to relook at your spice rack. Although you might not view it as an essential commodity, but if your aim is to cut calories, it helps to maintain a well-stocked spice and Herb rack. By adding natural seasonings and spices to your foods, not only helps in adding that extra bit of flavour but also promotes weight loss, as can be seen in spices such as ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and chilli flakes.

These tips can be a huge boon in transforming the kitchen from a room of unhealthy foods into a motivational powerhouse of dietary encouragement.

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