Top 6 Reasons Why You Cannot Avoid Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral make up has been creating a huge buzz in the make up industry of late, and this has all been for good reason. The make up is not only good for your skin, but also gives you the sheer cover that you have been dying for. Need to know more?? Here are a few reasons that will give you the confidence to pack your make up bag with mineral make up instead of your traditional make up.

1) Absence of Unnatural Additives

Top 6 Reasons Why You Cannot Avoid Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral make up is all mineral and contains no fillers like chemical dyes, talc, binders and chemical preservatives that are commonly found in traditional make up.

2) Light on the Skin

You may find your skin breaking out after using traditional make up. This is because the make up tends to mask your face, not allowing the skin to breathe. In the process of covering minor flaws, you are actually blocking your pores and worsening blemishes, dryness and redness, causing further damage to your skin with traditional make up. In contrast, mineral make up is light and airy, and allows the skin to breathe.

3) For a Flawless Look

Top 6 Reasons Why You Cannot Avoid Mineral Cosmetics

As mineral make up is light, it almost appears invisible. The minerals also have the properties that reflect light, reducing the attention on the fine lines and wrinkles to give you a flawless look. Mineral make up also doesn’t settle into the fine lines and wrinkles which sometimes happens when you wear traditional make up. Using mineral make up you can walk out in style and confidence, showing off your young, glowing skin.

4) Longer Coverage

When you use traditional make up, you may notice that the make up starts running by the end of the day, or sometimes gets rubbed off on clothes or people while you greet them. Traditional make up also requires you to apply it in larger amounts to cover blemishes. Applications are just the opposite when it comes to mineral make up, you’ll need just a dash to cover those imperfections.

5) Long Shelf Life

Mineral makeup also contains ingredients that help you keep them in storage for years. Sometimes, you may have noticed your traditional makeup go soggy or dry in the long run. This is because of the ingredients such as fillers, which have a short shelf life when compared to mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is purely made from minerals and doesn’t contain any additives at all. This makes mineral makeup safer for your skin and better for your wallet as well.

6) Safe Ingredients

Top 6 Reasons Why You Cannot Avoid Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral make up contains mica, zinc oxide, titanium oxide and iron and tin oxide. Most of the minerals found in the make up reflect light and also act as physical sunscreens. As mineral make up doesn’t contain mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, chemical dyes, parabens, and preservatives, dermatologist feel that they are mild on the skin.

Any person would want to find ways to keep their skin healthy and gorgeous-looking while using makeup. The best way to do so is by using makeup that protects your skin from damage while you go about beautifying yourself. Try looking for makeup that suits your skin, and makes you look gorgeous in the simplest possible way. Cheers!

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