Eyelite Advanced Dark Circles Correcting Eye Cream Review

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Eye creams are essential part of skin care routine.Once you hit the 25 age mark,you should inculcate a ¬†good cream for preventing dark circles,puffy eyes and fine lines.As they say “Prevention is better than cure”.As you age,skin also gradually loses the ability to cope from sun damage,pollution, cosmetics, acne and so on.The skin around the eye area is even more thinner,sensitive and delicate.Add stress,lack of sleep,dietary factors,poor health to that and first visible sign is dark circles.I being a chronic insomniac should know that.So I always make it a point to use a eye cream.I was browsing Amazon and found Eyelite eye cream and it had very good feedback.So I thought I might as well give it shot and see if it is effective on my dark circles.Read along to find out more about the product.
Eyelite Advanced Dark Circles Correcting Eye Cream Review



Deionised water(Aqua),Sesame oil(Sesamum indicum seed oil),Cocoa butter(Theobroma cacao seed butter),Niacinamide(Vitaminn B3),Stearic scid,Cetostearyl Alcohol,Glycerine,Glyceryl monostearate,Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate,Tocopheryl acetate(Provitamin E),N-Hydroxy Succinamide,Caprylic Triglyceride,Palmitoyl oligopeptide,Palmitoyl tetrapeptide,Pentaerithyrityl tetraisostearste,Diacetyk boldine,Lactic acid,Phenoxyethanol,Sodium Hydroxide,EDTA disodium,Fragrance(Natural).


Rs.695 for 15grams.


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Product Description & Swatches:

Eyelite Advanced Dark Circles Correcting Eye Cream Review
Eyelite Advanced Dark Circles Correcting Eye Cream Review


1)It is a light weight,non-greasy gel base product.
2)It does not irritate eyes.
3)It contains lipids like Cocoa butter,Sesame oil which moisturises and soothes eye area,even in harsh winters.
4)It contains Vitamin C,Vitamin E(Anti-oxidant) and Peptides which surely takes care of dark circles,puffy eyes and fine lines.

5)Additionally it also has Lactic acid which lightens dark circles.

6)Because of the amazing formulation,it also serves anti-aging eye cream.

7)It has mild fragrance which subsides in a minute or so.
8)It can be easily used under make up,acts like a good base for eye make up.
9)A little quantity goes a long way.One tube lasted me 3 months.


1)No a major cons but it is expensive.But one tube lasts 2-3 months.
2)Easy availability might be an issue.
3)I have would preferred a nozzle packaging to control amount of product dispensed like the Sebamed eye cream.

Directions for use:

Apply eye cream on the eye area and massage gently.Use it once or twice a day.

Final Verdict:

My sleep cycle are always erratic,so dark circles doesn’t seem leave me.Prior to this,I was using Sebamed Anti-Aging Q10 Eye cream which I had been using for 3 years,it is another good option.But Sebamed products are not easy to procure even online plus I had several requests for more affordable options.Once amazon showed a bunch of suggestions,I am was impressed with the number of positive feedback received so I decided to check it out myself.Finn has entire range of skin and hair products.I will try to review some of them for you guys.
I ordered on Amazon and the product was delivered the very next day.Finn,the brand directly ships from their hyderabad warehouse.Then I put the product to test.People often expect eye creams to show its effect with first few uses.It just does not work that way.The effectiveness of the product depends on individual and factors like sleep cycle,stress levels,health.

It took me 3 weeks for Eyelite to start showing its magic.I have been using it from almost 3-4 months and I am on to my second tube so its safe to say it definitely lightens dark circles.There has been significant improvement and my dark circles are hardly visible,specially on the days I sleep well.I am very satisfied with Eyelite and I have been recommending to all my readers as well.It lightens dark circles even the most severe bluish ones,prevents and works on fine lines.It covers all bases of a eye cream,so what more can you expect?Overall,one of the best eye creams I have used and I will surely repurchase as well.

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