Best Dark Spots, Acne Scars & Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Creams/Gels

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This was one compilation that was pending for a long time. Though I get a lot of requests for it,I never quite got to blog about it.I am definitely working on it so bear with me ūüôā Do check out: Best Acne & Pimple Treatment Creams/Gels.
Today I will be dealing with whole another issue related to acne-The one which leaves an unpleasant reminder of acne. Yes, I am talking about dark spots/dark marks, acne blemishes, acne scars, pitted acne scars, hyperpigmentation. Acne/Pimples heals in a couple of days but in the process of healing, it leaves a much deeper impact in the form of acne scars. So you need additional treatment to treat your acne scars in order to have blemish-free skin. Today I will be compiling a list of Best Dark spots, Acne Scars, Hyper-Pigmentation &Melasma Treatments Creams/Gels in India. Over the years,I have tried many treatment creams but unfortunately not many worked and some of them broke me out too so these compilations are non-comedogenic options.I hope you guys find it helpful.
Before we proceed with the compilation,let us quickly brush up on the type of ingredients that are helpful in fading acne blemishes and treating acne scars/hyper-pigmentation.
Serial Number Ingredient Symptom Examples
Retinoids/Vitamin A
Acne blemishes, Pitted acne scars, Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma
Epiduo,Avene Triacneal,Liftage,Avene Eluage,Avene Ystheal,Retino A,Adapelene Gel,
Glycolic acid
Acne blemishes, Pitted acne scars, Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma
Avene Triacneal,Sefpil,Olliza Gel,Demelan
Salicylic acid
Acne blemishes Sebogel,Sebonac
Vitamin C
Acne blemishes, Pitted acne scars, Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma
Facemed Gel,Kozimax,Epishine,Kaya Antox Vitamin C,Auriga Flavo Vitamin C,Cipla VC 15
Vitamin E/Anti-oxidants
Acne blemishes,Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma
Azleaic acid
Acne blemishes,Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma
Aziderm,Kaya Fairness cream,Banana
Kojic acid
Mulberry extracts
Liquorice extracts
Papaya extracts
Lactic acid
Acne blemishes,Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma
Onion Extracts(Alium Cepa)
Acne Blemishes,Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma

1)Epiduo/Adapalene Gel

Best Acne Scars & Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Creams/Gels

This is a 2-in-1 treatment for acne as well acne scars.It contains Adapelene which is a retinoid that lightens blemishes but also fills up pitted acne scars.Another similar formula is Periduo Gel, Tactuo Gel. Read a complete review of Epiduo Gel HERE.Also check out¬†Epiduo Acne Regimen.If don’t have acne,then you can go for Adapelene Gel.

Concern:Acne blemishes-Acne scars-Pitted Acne scars-Hyper-pigmentation
Cost: Rs.399 for 15ml.
Rating: 4.5/5

2)Ethicare Sefpil /Kozimax/ Facemed Gel

Best Acne Scars & Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Creams/Gels

Ethicare is a brand which needs no explanation,they have some of the best skin care treatments.
Sefpil contains 2 AHA’s of 5% Glycolic acid+10% Mandelic acid.
Kozimax contains 5% Kojic acid+5% Vitamin C+Arbutin+Glabridin.
Facemed contains 5% Vitamin C+6% Nicotinamide+0.5% Salicylic acid+Sodium Hyaluronate

Concern:Acne blemishes-Acne scars-Pitted Acne scars-Hyper-pigmentation-Melasma
Cost: Rs.180 for 30grams | Rs.285 for 15grams | Rs.270 for 10grams.
Availability: Sefpil- Flipkart /Amazon
Kozimax- Flipkart 
                     Facemed- Flipkart
Rating: 4/5

3)Olliza Gel

Best Acne Scars & Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Creams/Gels

This is a 12% Glycolic acid gel which is very good not just for acne but acne scars and hyper-pigmentation.

Concern: Acne blemishes-Acne scars-Pitted Acne scars-Hyper-pigmentation-Melasma
Cost: Rs.225
Availability: Buy Online from Amazon /
Rating: 4/5

4)KojiGlo Gel

Best Acne Scars & Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Creams/Gels
For a long time, I was looking for Kojic acid+Arbutin in gel and a non-comedogenic base and I finally found Kojiglo from Alkem Labs,the makers of Glintra gel.

Concern:Acne blemishes-Acne scars-Hyper-pigmentation-Melasma
Cost: Rs.325 for 30grams.
Availability: Buy Online on
Rating: 4/5

5)DeMelan Cream

Best Acne Scars & Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Creams/Gels
This was probably one of the first acne scar treatment I used from Glenmark.It is a combination of Glycolic acid+Kojic acid+Arbutin which is good of lightening blemishes and scars.

Concern: Acne blemishes/Dark spots-Hyper-pigmentation-Melasma

Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Amazon.

Rating: 4/5



Best Acne Scars & Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Creams/Gels
This was prescribed by dermatologist,a Arbutin formula for lightening acne marks.

Concern:Acne blemishes/Dark spots-Hyper-pigmentation-Melasma

Cost: Rs.270 for 25grams.
Availability: Buy Online on
Rating: 4/5

7)Retino A/AC Gel

Best Acne Scars & Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Creams/Gels

Retinoids are all-rounders that address all skin concerns.
Concern: Acne blemishes-Acne scars-Pitted acne scars-Hyper-pigmentation-Melasma

Cost: Rs.219 for 20grams.
Rating: 4/5


8)Mederma Gel


Mederma is over-the-counter treatment gel for acne blemishes and dark spots.It contains aloe vera and onion extracts which lightens marks.
Concern:Acne blemishes-Acne scars/Dark spots.

Cost: Rs.353 for 10grams & Rs.630 for 20grams.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Amazon.
Rating: 3/5

9)Avene Triacneal


As I said above, retinoids and glycolic work effectively on treating acne scars and blemishes.

Concern: Acne blemishes-Acne scars-Pitted acne scars-Hyper-pigmentation.

Cost: Rs.1345 for 30ml.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Amazon.
Rating: 4/5

8)Auriga Flavo-C Serum

Best Acne Scars & Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Creams/Gels

It is a 8% Vitamin C+Anti-oxidants formula that treats acne scars and hyper-pigmentation.

Concern:Acne blemishes-Acne scars-Pitted acne scars-Hyper-pigmentation-Melasma.
Cost: Rs.1599 for 15ml.
Availability: Buy Online on Flipkart/ Amazon.
Rating: 4/5


1)The above-mentioned compilation is for general information purposes only so that you can discuss your options with your doctor and use them under medical supervision only.
2)Some of the options are over the counter products and are easily available online and offline.
3)The treatment creams/gels are best used during night time/before bed.Kojic acid, Arbutin Gels can be used during the day as well.
4)It is extremely important to follow up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 during day to prevent hyper-pigmentation and protect the results obtained. Read here: Best Sunscreens for Oily-Acne prone skin.
5)Some of the treatments like retinoids/glycolic acid comes with side effects. Read here: How To Deal With Acne Treatments and Its Side Effects?
6)Relying on only acne treatment cream or gel won’t entirely help to treat acne/acne scars so it is important to follow acne regimen and use oil-free and non-comedogenic skin care products.

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