Glomed Face Wash Review

Today I will be reviewing Glomed face wash which is 5% Glycolic Acid Face wash from Ethicare Remedies.

Key Ingredients:

5% Glycolic Acid, Liquorice Extracts, Pro-Vitamin B5 Millibeads, Aloe Vera.

My Skin Type:

Oily and acne prone skin.


Rs 144 for 60grams.


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Product Claim:

Glomed Face Wash Review


Glomed Face Wash Review
As you can see from the swatch it is gel cleanser with red-grey millicapsules.


1)It is non comedogenic face wash/cleanser in gel form.
2)It is soap-free,as a pleasant fragrance and cleanses well.
3)It has amazing ingredients like Glycolic acid which will remove dead skin cells,unclog pores,helps with acne,lightens marks.
4)It also contains Liquorice extracts which is a very good skin lightening ingredient.
5)It also contains also Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5 which are known for hydrating properties.
6)It is suitable for all skin types especially oily and acne prone skin.
7)It helps in oil control due to 5% Glycolic acid.
8)The skin lightening ingredients helps remove tan.


1)It is tad pricey for 60 grams so won’t last long.
2)It is not easily available in all cities.

3)No complete disclosure of ingredients.

Directions for use:

Use this product like a regular face wash/cleanser.


It is available in medical pharmacies.

You can call up on their customer care number and they will help you locate nearest store in your city. If you can’t find it in stores then there is online shopping option,you can  directly order from their company website :
Contact Information: 
Ethicare Remedies
Address:B-407, Imperial Heights,
Opp. Big Bazzar,
150 ft. Ring Road, Rajkot- 360005
Gujarat, India
Phone:+91 281 – 6544889 – 3045043
Email: [email protected]
            [email protected]
Payment Policy:

It is available online on to limited cities only)

Final Verdict:

This is pretty great product for skin maintenance if you are not on any strong acne treatments. I have been using it for few months now,there is definite improvement in skin texture,skin lightening and yes helps acne.

My Rating:4/5


  • Do not use Glomed with strong acne treatments like Isotretinoin,Benzoyl Peroxide,Retinoids.
  • Since the concentration of glycolic acid  is high,start using once a day and gradually make twice a day after few days.
  • It is suitable to use as Glomed as stand alone product i.e when you are not using any strong product/treatment.
  • You might see dryness,just add a moisturiser.
  • Winters you can reduce the usage if it makes your skin dry.
  • A patch test is recommended for sensitive skin.

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