How safe are your cosmetics and beauty products?

There are so many many options when it comes to cosmetics. Then they are celebrity endorsements, huge marketing, and promotions. So how do we know if the products are safe? The shocking truth is most of the products including Reputed brands contains toxic heavy metals like lead, chromium, mercury etc.

What are Heavy Metals?

Heavy metals are toxic metals which exhibit high atomic weight and density.Some of the heavy metals are Lead, Mercury, Chromium,Nickel, Cobalt etc. Prolonged exposure or consumption causes some really serious health hazards.


According to Centre for Science and Environment(CSE),they found high levels of Mercury in 14 fairness creams and Chromium in 15 lipsticks exceeding the regulated value.Some of the those products are :
  • Aroma Magic Fairy Lotion containing highest amount of Mercury at 1.97 parts per million(ppm).
  • Olay Natural White containing 1.79 parts per million(ppm).
  • Ponds White Beauty containing 1.36 parts per miilion(ppm).
  • Colorbar lipsticks has the highest concentration of Chromium.
  • Nickel was found highest in Loreal Lipsticks.
No heavy metals were found in anti-ageing creams and lip balms.(Fortunately !!)
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So what is the Safety Limit?Is there any law?

The maximum amount of toxic metals which can be consumed by person in his/her life time without any potential health risks is known as Acceptable Daily Intake(ADI). As of now I could not get exact values.When I do get it, I will update it here.
What is more shocking is -Unfortunately there is No regulatory law in India regarding permissible limits of toxic/heavy metals in cosmetics or legal action against such companies.

What are health risks associated with toxic/heavy metals?

  • Skin Rashes.
  • Skin Discolouration.
  • Scarring
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Nerve Disorders.
  • Kidney Damage.
  • Lung Damage.
  • Tumours.
  • Cancers.

Final Verdict:

It is such sad state of poor customers like us who buy products hoping they we benefit from them.Companies spend mega bucks on their Research & Development Team.Isn’t it their responsibility and obligation to customers to produce safe products? Aren’t they equipped with best technologies and facilities?Why do they charge hefty prices for the products if they aren’t safe to use? Is there no other alternative?If not why to manufacture products that harm our human well being?What about our Environment? If some brands can manage to stay off the toxic metal radar and market safe products then why can’t other brands follow the same suit?  Added to this mess ,our country still does have any kind of law or regulation to protect consumers like the US FDA.
Aroma Magic is a popular cosmetic brands from make up artist Blossom Kocchar who markets them as safe and herbal products.Olay,Ponds are some more high end brands which fail to market safe products.The trend of fairness cream also lead to usage of such chemicals.What about lipsticks,it is ingested by the person. Do the brands not realise the health hazards of these ridiculous products?
Unless findings like these are Public, people are ignorant about these issues and continue using them. Heavy metals are toxic and comes with its own dangerous side effects.
I really hope some day our legal system wakes up and brings some plan into motion to ban such brands and products.I found out about this issue few days back and decided to write a article so that more and more people are aware of this current problem.
Disclaimer: This article is for your information and findings are recorded in CSE website.I am in no way associated with any brand/company.

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