Airbrushing Make up-Tips, Techniques, Benefits

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Airbrush makeup is a modern technique that has made makeup application extremely quick and easy. Airbrush makeup features auto-blending, which helps you eliminate the need to spend long hours manually blending the foundation on the skin in order to achieve a natural and flawless skin.
Good quality airbrush make-up products are mainly water based. These products are safe to use on any kind of skin texture and complexion. You can also use them for daily wear purpose, if your profession demands so.
Let’s take a look at some advantages of airbrushing and see how it can help you enhance your make up abilities.
● Airbrush make-up offers flawless and perfect skin tone.
● It is easy to apply.
● The thin layer of the foundation applied with this technique makes it impossible to detect any foundation on the skin.
● It is extremely light and long-lasting.
● It can be applied on any part of the body to maintain consistency of the complexion.
● It is hypo-allergenic and eliminates the problem of clogged skin pores.

● The tools can be shared as they do not come in direct contact with the skin.

Techniques and Tips to use Airbrush Make-up

1)Always apply Concealer First:Concealer is used to hide spots and dark pigmentations on the surface of the skin. But, if you will apply it after using airbrush foundation, you will end up ruining the airbrushed areas. In order to make sure you get even make-up tone, consider applying concealer and apply the airbrush layer over it in a circular motion.
2)Always Test Spray on a Piece of Tissue: Always test the spray first on your hand or on a piece of paper before using it on your face. This is to ensure that the machine works just fine and also it will help you gain better control on it. Begin with a base layer as it will give you a better idea of the finished looks.
3)Never Use Traditional Liquid Foundations in your Airbrush Gun: Do not use regular foundation with airbrush. Since regular foundations are thick and heavy, they can damage the gun as well. You would need something watery to get through the gun. Thus, it is strictly advised to use only airbrush make-up foundation for better and long lasting results.
4)Silicone and Water do not Mix: Airbrush makeup is available in many forms like water based, alcohol based and silicon based. The trick is to make sure that you do not mix up the formulas. Water and silicon are two formulas that do not mix well at all. So, make sure you choose the best one for your skin and stick to that.

5)Don’t be afraid to Experiment: You can experiment with as many looks as you like to make sure you find the best one for yourself. Mix different colors and shades to add unique touch to your makeup. You can apply new colors on a white paper first to see how they blend. This will let you experiment with different makeup styles and colors.


Video Tutorial of Airbrush Make-up:

You can also check out some airbrush make up tutorials here.

Availability of Airbrush Tools:

Airbrushing Make up-Tips,Techniques,Benefits

In India,Airbrushing is a relatively new concept so the necessary make up and tools are not easily available. is importing some of the tools,which you can check out here.

It can also be bought from Required)

One of the popular airbrush make up brand is Belletto Airbrush System.

Cost: Rs 5000-12000 ($90-$200)


Airbrush makeup uses compact pressure device, also known as gun to spray liquid foundation evenly on to the skin. It provides you with longer coverage as compared to traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup is indeed ideal for people with soft and sensitive skin as the makeup wand doesn’t touch the skin, making it completely safe and hygienic.


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