Make up Basics: Understanding Make-up Technicalities

Today let us understand basics of make up. I am pretty sure many of you watch tons of makeup videos on YouTube and they will be using technical terms like apply the eye shadow on the crease or waterline etc. Initially, I did not get it either and it took me some time to understand the technicalities.So I created these pictures using a software to make it simple as possible for you guys.A picture is worth a thousand words,so I am going to keep it brief,so here it goes !

1)Face Make-up:

  • For Beginner Make-up Tutorial,Click here.
  • For Party Make-up Tutorial,Click here.

2)Eye-make up:

  • For Eye Make up Tutorial,Click here.

3)Eye-Shadow Basics:

  • For Smoky Eye Make-up Tutorial,Click here.
  • For Basics Make-up brushes, Click here.

I hope this helps you understand the technicalities of make-up.If not drop a comment below and I will be happy to help you out.

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