Makeup Tips Regarding Sparkling Up Your Small Eyes

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Eye makeup is the most important part of your makeup routine, and if it isn’t done properly it could end up spoiling your whole face. We wouldn’t want that, would we? There are several ways to go about doing your eye makeup, but I prefer to stick to just a few simple steps when I’m on my way out in a hurry (which is obviously most of the time!).

The things you’ll primarily need for your eye makeup would be concealer, primer, eye shadow, eyelash curler and mascara. The trick here lies in how you blend these things together. Let’s get to put these cosmetics to use, to artistically create those gorgeous eyes!


Makeup Tips Regarding Sparkling Up Your Small Eyes
The concealer is used to cover those dark circles and bluish discoloration that’s seen below your eyes. Covering those rough edges is the first step to gorgeous eyes. Start by placing three dots of the concealer under each eye. Work from the innermost part of the eye to the outer. Now use your ring finger to dab and NOT rub; while applying your makeup you’ve to be very gentle. After dabbing in the concealer, you’re ready to work with the primer.


Makeup Tips Regarding Sparkling Up Your Small Eyes
Don’t think about avoiding the use of a primer. A primer is always required to get you through those stressful days, especially when you think you’re going to get caught in the rain or get sweaty with the humidity. A primer helps in keeping your eye shadow in place.


Makeup Tips Regarding Sparkling Up Your Small Eyes
The primer is followed by the eyeliner. You could go in for the liquid ones or the pencil as well. I personally prefer using a darker eye shadow with a thin brush. Wet any of your slanted brushes and go for the darkest eye shadow you’ve got, carefully working from the inner part of the upper eyelid to the outer, making a line as close to the eyelid as possible. Now, follow the same with the lower eyelid as well, remembering to start from the middle of the lower eyelid. Now use your little finger to smudge the lower part of the eyelid, as you don’t need definite lines while doing your eye makeup. If you want to go with the smoky look, use your brush to dab in the eyeliner to the areas close to the line, working from the middle to the outer, followed by a smudge with your little finger.

4)Eye shadow

Makeup Tips Regarding Sparkling Up Your Small Eyes
Celebrity makeup artists opt for three-toned eye shadow, starting with a lighter one and working their way up with a darker eye shadow to the brow bone. Take a tip, start with a color that most suits your eyelid color and brush it into a deeper tone moving out to the brow bone, finishing with the deepest tone of the same color that you started with. Use the brush to blend them in.


Makeup Tips Regarding Sparkling Up Your Small Eyes
This is one of the most special tricks used by makeup artists, and is usually done to make your eyes pop. The highlighter needs to be used only on the innermost part of the eyes, exactly where the upper and lower eyelids meet. It’s easy, just dab your little finger into the lightest eye shadow you’ve got and gently press it into the innermost part of your eye.
To highlight the brow, choose an eye shadow closest to the color of your lid and dab it onto the brow bone starting from the middle and working towards the end. Now use your finger to blend it in.

6)Eyelash Curler

Makeup Tips Regarding Sparkling Up Your Small Eyes
Long eyelashes add beauty to those perfect eyes. Use your eyelash curler to curl those long strands. First, warm your curler using a hair dryer, check if it’s warm and not hot, and use it to create those gorgeous curls.


Makeup Tips Regarding Sparkling Up Your Small Eyes
The final step would be to paint those eyelashes with mascara to make them as prominent as possible. Swish your mascara stick on those perfect lashes from the bottom up, at least thrice till you’re satisfied.
This is the closest you could get to artistically designing those gorgeous eyes. It may sound tedious, but once you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll get the hang of it.

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