Magic of Makeup to Keep Yourself Looking Younger and Beautiful

This is a guest post from Pauline from Young Blood Cosmetics.
The key to looking your best is to learn the best makeup techniques as well as make the right choice of products. While it is very important to always look your best for a good first impression, it is equally necessary that you abide by some do’s and dont’s in order to healthily coexist with your makeup routine. You must know what to do and what to avoid for minimizing harm and maximizing beauty benefits of makeup.
Here are 5 tips and techniques that will allow you to look attractive as well as young and beautiful without compromising on the health of the skin:

1. Do not use excess makeup

Magic of Makeup to Keep Yourself Looking Younger and Beautiful
It is good to apply light makeup, just enough to increase your face value but the tendency of applying excessive makeup results in more harm than good. Besides posing several medical troubles, it also makes your appearance flashy and unnecessarily extravagant, taking beauty away from you. Studies have revealed that excess makeup is damaging for the skin. Many lipsticks contain lead which causes cancer if excessively used. Excess makeup is also difficult to remove and if that remains on your skin overnight, it has enough and more time to cause severe harm to your skin such as inflammation and acne.

2. Avoid cream based makeup

Magic of Makeup to Keep Yourself Looking Younger and Beautiful
Cream based makeup is the one that can be applied on the face straight from the tube. It is generally avoided by people because it feels thicker on the skin compared to other kinds such as aqua cakes. Besides it also requires powder or spray to set on the skin. The non smudge variety of such makeup also has a tendency to flake out and crackle.Instead opt for water-based foundations which are light-weight,add a healthy glow and do not clog pores either.

3. Natural looking makeup

Magic of Makeup to Keep Yourself Looking Younger and Beautiful
A fresh face that does not reek of any makeup is always in style.To be not made up and yet look natural, it is important that you teach yourself the art of applying natural makeup. Applying natural makeup does require some time and practice. It helps to use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation to help you in getting that natural look since it blends with the skin and evens out the skin tone.

4. Avoid using heavy foundations

Magic of Makeup to Keep Yourself Looking Younger and Beautiful
There are women who dread the aspect of moving out of their homes without foundation on their face. Such women need to beware of the dangerous effects of using foundation so frequently. While most foundation manufacturers claim to have moisturizers in their products, very few actually contain it. In order to be able to conceal blemishes, enhance the skin texture and remain on your skin for long, the foundation must have fatty acids, silicon oil and stearic acid.All of which are extremely damaging for the health of the skin. Continued use of foundation is certain to bring about rash and pimples. Besides this, foundation also blocks the skin pores disallowing the skin to breathe.
Mineral foundations have gained a lot of popularity among people who are yet to find a foundation that suits them. Mineral foundation uses natural ingredients that are not heavy on the skin, look more natural and contain SPF too.

5. Opt for oil-free make up products.

Magic of Makeup to Keep Yourself Looking Younger and Beautiful
Finding a makeup routine for an oily face can pose serious challenge. In order to be able to get the desired effects of makeup, it is wise to dedicate sometime to remove excess oil from your face before applying makeup. Since there are already a number of oil based ingredients in your makeup, applying them on an already oily skin can lead to unattractive oily glow leading to smudges or fading. Hence it is advisable to oil-free or powder or mineral based make up products for oily skin.

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