How to cover up dark circles with make-up?

In the last two posts I have extensively discussed on dark circles and best eye creams which you can check out here and here.Dark circles can pretty embarrassing so make up is the perfect to hide it.In today’s post we will some see some make up tutorials for dark circles.

Products Required:

  • Moisturiser/Eye Creams.
  • Concealer/Corrector.
  • Foundation.
  • Compact.
  • Concealer and other make-up brushes.


Step 1:Cleanse your face.Apply a moisturiser or eye cream.If you don’t prefer this you can skip to primer.
Step 2:Pick a concealer/corrector according to your skin tone and cover up the dark circles..
NYX,Clinique,MAC have skin correctors.If you don’t find these concealers/correctors,you can use your matte eye shadows(without shimmer/ glitter)
  • Pale Skin Tone-Light Pink Shades.
  • Medium Skin Tone-Peach Shades.
  • Dusky/Dark Skin Tone-Orange Shades.
The point of using these concealers/correctors is they neutralise the dark or blue discolouration thereby covering them up.
Step 3:You can dab a little concealer on the eye area.
Step 4:Finish it up with foundation(optional) or dust it with a compact.You are done!

Video Tutorial 1:

This tutorial is for dusky/dark skin.Orange concealers are used to cover up the dark circles.


Video Tutorial 2:

This tutorial for pale skin.Light Pink concealers are used to cover up dark circles.


Video Tutorial 3:

This tutorial is for men.Okay wait before you laugh just read this.You can do this only if dark circles really bother you.Guys don’t get scared hearing the word make-up!It is not rigorous like girls.You can just mix a concealer with your moisturiser or BB cream and dab it on the eyes using your fingers.If you are wondering where to get buy concealers, you can buy them online or take help from your sister or girlfriend 😉



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Image Credits:_Nezemnnaya_@flickr

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