Neutrogena Lip Moisturiser (Norwegian Formula) Review

Today I will be reviewing lip balm from Neutrogena known as Neutrogena Lip Moisturiser(Norwegian Formula). Neutrogena has many tinted versions in the same,please note this is non-tinted lip balm.I bought this when I was reviewing various lip balms to compile the best lip balms. Read along to find out more about it.


Neutrogena Lip Moisturiser (Norwegian Formula) Review

7.5% Ethyhexyl Methoxycinnamate,Octyl Methoxycinnamate, 4 % Benzophenone-3, Castor Oil, Corn Oil, Ozokerite, Petrolatum, Beeswax, Octyl Palmitate, Paraffin, Stearyl Alcohol, Carnauba Wax, BHT


Rs 125 for 4 grams.


Neutrogena Lip Moisturiser (Norwegian Formula) Review


1)It moisturises dry and chapped lips.
2)It contains sunscreen SPF 15.
3)It does not have that heavy waxy feel like Lotus Lip Balms.
4)Easy availability.
6)It is paraben-free.
7)It is non-tinted lip balm which I prefer.
8)It is fragrance-free.
9)It is easy to carry and smooth rotating mechansim does not get struck like Lotus lip balms.

10)It is suitable for all ages,men and women.


1)It does have comedogenic ingredients,just see to that it does not touch the face.It is quite hard to find lip balms without oils or waxes which are non-comeodgenic in nature.
2)Some may prefer tinted lip balms.


Neutrogena products are easily available in supermarkets,cosmetic stores and pharmacies.
It is also available online from sites like:

Final Verdict:

I prefer non-tinted and fragrance free lip balms.Neutrogena lip balm moisturises well plus provides sun protection.It is value of money.Previously I was using Lotus Lip balms which are very waxy so I am not big fan of it plus I hate the flowery flavour- fragrance.So Neutrogena Lip balm is a decent product.

My Rating:4/5

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