Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

Today I will be reviewing one of the excellent and multi-purpose product from Avene known as Avene Thermal Spring Water.Wondering what’s so special about it then read along to find out more about it !

About Avene Thermal Spring Water:

Thermal spring water is essentially water only.It undergoes filtration to extract purest form of water which is infused with minerals and silicates.It contains skin healing properties and is known to treat skin conditions like eczema,atopic dermatitis,psoriasis,burns.Avene spring water soothes, hydrates,softens and calms skin.


  • Avène Thermal Spring Water (100%) – Soothes and softens.
  • Nitrogen (gas) – Non-flammable inert gas that is ozone friendly.


Rs 550 for 50 ml | Rs 1090 for 150ml.

Product Claim:

Avene Thermal Spring Water Review


Avene Thermal Spring Water Review


1)It is non-comedogenic and oil-free.
2)It is paraben-free,fragrance-free.
3)It contains no artificial preservatives.
4)It maintains skin Ph level at 7.5 which is neutral(either acidic/alkali).
5)It calms and soothens skin irritation.
6)It also hydrates and makes skin soft.
7)It is suitable for all skin types,all ages, all genders.It is safe on babies too.
8)It is hypo-allergenic.
9)It comes in a very handy,hygienic and convenient spray bottle which is use to easy and carry.
10)It can be using after cleansing/shaving/waxing etc.Men also can use this as after shave.
11)It can be used as setting spray to set make up by women to give you that natural look.
12)It can used after chemical peel or laser or any other skin procedure.Also post surgery procedure,allergies,eczema,redness,scaly skin,sun burns,diaper rash etc.

13)It reduces acne inflammation.


1)Avene products are expensive.
2)Easy availability is an issue.

Directions for use:

1)Spray on to the skin.
2)Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and pat dry.
Avene spring water is safe to use on face and body as frequently as required.


Avene products are available in selective and reputed pharmacies.
It can also be bought from sites like:
5)healthkartplus.com(Delivery to limited cities only)

Final Verdict:

I bought Avene spring water few months back and I have been using it since then.This is one miracle product and multi purpose product.I use it after washing my face and it makes skin really soft and supple.If you break out into rashes after shaving/waxing like me, then this is the product for you.It just totally takes care of it without causing any kind of irritation.It also calms down and reduces acne inflammation.I recently started using it as setting spray to set my make-up.I was really scared to this but it absolutely does not break my skin out and gives that dewy and non-cakey make up.With the onset of summers,this is great way to beat the heat and feel refreshed.I previously used it after getting peels done at Kaya since one cannot wash face for 8-12 hours.It hydrates dry skin and brings down the redness.Cost is an issue but one 50ml bottle will last you around a month even if you use daily. Seriously it is fabulous product and a must must buy for all!;)

My Rating:5/5

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