EthiGlo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Facial Foam Review

This is a guest post from Shwetha.

Hi Guys,

How have you been?I was complaining to Priyanka aka DJ regarding my tan,pigmentation and dull skin.Yes,yes I bug her a lot,she is my go to doc ;).So she suggested me EthiGlo face wash.Today I will be reviewing Ethiglo face wash from Ethicare Pharma/Remedies.Ethicare has some really good skin care products which is a hit among DJ readers/forum members.So does EthiGlo leave up to its claims?Read along to find out more about it.


EthiGlo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Facial Foam Review

My Skin Type:

Oily and acne prone skin.


Kojic acid,Vitamin C,Liquorice,Nicotinamide,Glycolic acid,Lactic acid,Salicylic acid,Triclosan,Vitamin E,Panthenol,DM Water,Glycerin,PG,Stearic acid,Potassium hydroxide,Gum binder,EDTA,SLS,Preservatives,Perfume.


Rs.220 for 70ml.


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Product Description & Swatches:

EthiGlo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Facial Foam Review


1)It is thick creamy cleanser with vitamin beads.
2)It cleanses and lathers well.
3)It contains a bunch of skin lightening ingredients like Kojic acid,Vitamin C/K,Liquorice,Glycolic acid,Salicylic acid,Lactic acid which helps with lightening acne blemishes,melasma,hyper-pigmentation,tan.
4)Additionally Glycolic acid,Salicylic acid,Triclosan are anti-bacterial which exfoliates skin and helps with mild acne as well.
5)It is suitable for normal-oily-combination skin types.

6)Since it has Vit E(Antioxidants) and other AHA/BHA(Anti-aging),it works great for mature-aging skin too.

7)Pleasant fragrance.



1)I am not sure if the Ingredient list is complete.Hence I am not sure if its paraben-free.
2)It contains SLS.
3)Stearic acid is mildly comedogenic so it will not suit severe acne skin types.
4)Easy availability might be an issue but easily available online.
5)Dry skin types might need to follow up with a moisturiser.

Directions for use:

Apply facial foam on wet face.Massage lightly and rinse with water.

Final Verdict:

I am one person who constantly experiments with skin care products.Sometimes,I follow good skin care routine.Other times,work gets so hectic and barely get for time for anything so then starts a period of neglect.As a result my skin suffered due to sun damage and acne marks left behind were also more obvious.I felt that my skin lost that glow.
Though my acne was in check(credits to Priyanka),hyper pigmentation was bothering me.I was using AHA Glow and I was looking for a change.I like it when brands go extra mile and make the cleansers extra special by adding good ingredients which can actually have a effect on your skin.

I have been using EthiGlo for around 1.5 months.I feel my skin is improved,I can notice some lightening of tan and blemishes.I would recommend this cleanser for normal/oily skin types on relatively acne-free skin.It does have comedogenic ingredient so if you have active acne.severe acne,I would suggest you skip it.These days,I am fortunately having good skin days.My sister recently became a mommie(yes I am aunt now 😉 ) so even she was facing some hyper-pigmentation due to hormonal changes.She is too was pleasantly happy with the results.Previously,I had also tried Melawash from Curatio.In comparison to that I liked EthiGlo more.Please note this is not a fairness face wash,these whitening tags can be misleading at times.It is targeted towards hyper-pigmentation.It is little on the pricier side,but for a treatment cleanser I find it reasonable.Guys,since it has AHA/BHA’s,kindly do not forget to use a good sunscreen.For a cleanser,it does a pretty good job so worth a shot guys!

PS:Ethiglo Soap also is available for body and a cheaper version of face wash.

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