Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Face wash Review

Today I will be reviewing Aroma Magic-White Tea and Chamomile Face wash(Everyday Pollution Defence).Read along to find out more about it!

My Skin Type:

Oily and acne prone skin.


Aqua, Centaurea cyanus extract, Sodium Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Soy Protein extract, Chamaemelum Nobile oil, Hydrolyzed protein beads, Menthe piperita oil and Camellia sinesis extract.


Rs.75 for 50ml | Rs.135 for 100ml.

Product Description & Swatch:

Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Face wash Review


1)It is non-comedogenic face wash.
2)It cleanses well and removes light make up as well.
3)It does not break out my skin or dry my skin.
4)It contains white tea which is an antioxidant so has anti-ageing benefits.
5)It contains Chamomile which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the skin.
6)It contains Pepper mint oil which is basically Menthol for soothing of skin.
7)The face wash contains tiny blue soy milk protein milli beads or milli capsules for very gentle exfoliation.
8)It is suitable for all skin types including oily-acne prone skin.
10)Pleasant fragrance.

11)Easy availability and affordable.


1)I am sure if the disclosed ingredient list is complete or partial list.
2)Though non-comedogenic,Aroma magic can skip the essential oils and instead go for extracts.

Directions for use:

Take required quantity of cleanser and crush the milli beads and cleanse your face.


Aroma magic products are easily available in all super markets,cosmetic stores,medical stores and online stores.
1)To buy on Nykaa,click here.
2)To buy on Flipkart,click here.
3)To buy on Amazon,click here.

Final Verdict:

I picked up this face wash about 2 months along with few other Aroma magic products.Most of their face washes are good.I liked their Neem and Tea Tree face wash.White tea is basically extracts of leaf and buds of green tea.We all know Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and has lot of skin benefits as well which you can read here.When they say Pollution Defence it means this product contains anti-oxidants which provide anti-ageing benefits which treats skin damaged from free radicals. Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Face wash cleanses well and does not break me out.Skin feels soft and supple after cleansing.Overall a good product!

My Rating:4/5

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