Time for a Cause:A Heart Warming Story of A Elephant named Raju

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I decided to take a break from my regular posts and do something different today.Two days back I came across a article online where a Elephant was rescued from the clutches of its cruel owner and the abuse it had suffered.I decided to share with you guys.The Elephant named Raju was abused for 50 years,Yes you heard it right 50 years by its owner!!
Elephant Raju was poached from its mother when he was calf.He was sold off for tourist attraction and made to beg for coins and food from tourists.He survived eating food given to him by kind tourists otherwise he would often eat paper.He was held in spiked chains,beaten and abused for 50 years.The spiked chains hurt him so much that it cut its flesh and wounds were left untreated.
Time for a Cause:A heart warming story of Elephant named Raju
Finally Animal Volunteers from Wildlife SOS rescued the poor guy.Raju is currently under care of the volunteers in Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura,India.All his chains were removed and is currently undergoing treatment.He is under rehabilitation program and well taken care off.He will be joining his other elephant friends soon and live the way he was meant too!

Time for a Cause:A heart warming story of Elephant named Raju
I will tell you guys something much more interesting.Elephant Raju wept after he rescued by the volunteers.It moved the volunteers and me too after reading his story.It shows Animal also have emotions,even they feel the pain.It was really heart-warming reaction from Raju that he responded to the kindness he was shown by the volunteers after being tortured and abused for 50 years.
Time for a Cause:A heart warming story of Elephant named Raju
Time for a Cause:A heart warming story of Elephant named Raju
In country like India,where all the animals are worshipped as Gods,there are still a sector of people who ill-treat and abuse the poor animals.Animals have more right to live on earth than us.But some times Humans get greedy and hurt those poor little ones.Please treat all animals with respect and the love they deserve.If you see any hurt animals or animals who are abused by its owner/others or abandoned animals,Please do your part by informing the animal rescue centres in your cities.People for Animals is one such organisation which works in India.Please click the link here for their contact information.Wildlife SOS is similar organisation as well.
Coming back to Raju, now the Wildlife SOS organisation which rescued Raju needs donations from kind hearted people like you to sustain his daily expenses.So guys I request to kindly make as much donations you can to help Raju.All Major Visa,Mastercard,Discover cards are accepted.There also accept Paypal payments as well.So this is applicable to Indian and International residents as well.So whichever part of the world you are located, kindly make donations to the organisation.Please click on the link below for more contact information and to make your donations.This is my humble and sincere request to you guys.

This is one of the latest videos of Raju’s Progress which the team has uploaded:

I did my part,so guys please,please do your part and help Raju to have a good life that he deserves.Please share this post/spread the word so that he receives maximum help from everyone as soon as possible.
You can read more about Wildlife SOS here: http://www.wildlifesos.org/home

You can also see daily updates of Raju on their Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/wildlifesosindia
Kudos to the entire team of WildlifeSOS!! Please support and encourage the amazing work done by WildLife SOS.Keep your donations coming so that they continue to their good work of rescuing the animals.

Thank you all!

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