Aroma Magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream Review

This is a guest post from Sangu.

Who does not want to have beautiful feet which we mostly see in fashion and beauty magazines? Unfortunately, feet is one of the most neglected parts of human body. We think people will look at our beautiful skin, hair, and gadgets. But in reality that is not my case 😉 . I personally give more importance to foot care and also make sure to know how people take care of their feet rather than looking at how beautiful/handsome she/he is or how expensive clothing and gadgets they are using?What’s the use of wearing Raymond, Pantaloons and Manish Malhotra brands when one has dry, cracked and dirty feet? Isn’t it? So, beautiful ladies and guys do not forget to implement foot care in your regime in addition to skin care.Lets see if Aroma magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream makes the cut or not.

Key Ingredients:

Extracts of Camphor, Mint, Thyme, Pineapple, Clove, Oils of Olive and Almond and Pure,Organic essential Oils of Rosemary, Clove and Tea Tree.


Rs. 130 for 60g.


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Product Description & Swatches:

Aroma Magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream Review


1) Highly moisturizing and nourishing due to the presence of Olive and Almond oil.

2) Camphor and Mint gives soothing and relaxing effect for tired feet.

3) Thyme contains anti-oxidants which makes skin really soft.

4) Rosemary, Clove and Tea Tree are known for their antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

5) Feet really feels soft and smooth after few applications.

6) Slight brightening is observed which anyways will happen if the skin is moisturised.

7) It is non greasy and gets easily absorbed.

8) Cruelty-free,not tested on animals

9) Easy availability & Affordable.



1)Incomplete ingredient list.

Direction for use:

Wash your feet, massage cream onto skin preferably at bedtime.

Final Verdict:

I applied it every night on clean feet and started observing the positive results from day 1. It made my feet soft, even toned and smooth. Yeah!! all the ingredients are supercool but if you already have an excellent body moisturizer and deep moisturizing is only your aim than I will not recommend it. If you are one of me who loves organic and herbal product, then you can definitely try this product. Since it is highly moisturizing,it will definitely take care of cracked heels. 

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