Tips for Post Hair-Removal Care(Waxing/Shaving/Threading)

In the last post, we discussed Shaving versus Waxing. One of the disadvantages of these hair removal methods is it can cause redness, rashes or irritation. Waxing does not bother me but Tweezing/Threading Eyebrows cause some severe irritation to me. Here are some of the tips I follow to beat this problem.

1)Immediately after Waxing/Tweezing/Threading, wrap a ice cube in a handkerchief /tissue and give yourself a cold compress to that area for a few minutes.By doing this,it significantly reduces redness, burning sensation or any other irritation.You can ask your Beautician to do it for you or you can do it yourself.
2)Usually if you get it done in parlours,they apply soothing creams or astringent lotion. In my experience, they are comedogenic most of the times.So just skip it to be on the safer side.
3)Instead carry a Calamine Lotion like Lacto Calamine or pharmaceutical brands like Calak,Markal etc.It costs about Rs 40-50 and easily available.This soothens the area and minimizes irritation to a greater extent.
4)Since I have acne prone skin,I breakout sometimes.So I apply Calamine Lotion for 4-5 days twice a day.
5)Another very good option is Aloe Veda Aloe Vera Nourishing Skin Gel.
6)Always Shave when the skin is not dry,moisturise the body a day in advance.If it is dry,you are likely to get bruises and also it stings a lot.
7)Normally the Shaving can be done without Soaps/Shaving Creams.But I would suggest that you shave after bath as hot water makes skin soft and hair follicles loose thereby easier to shave.Soaps acts a lubricant so Razor slides smoothly minimizing bruises.I prefer Fiama Di Wills Shower Gels.

8)Always Shave in the Direction of hair growth to avoid hair undergrowths beneath the skin.

9)Very important thumb rule after Hair removal is Moisturise.Use a good oil free and non-comedogenic moisturiser.

Tips for Post Hair-Removal Care
10)Do not use disposable razors for more than 2 times.
11)Do not shave the under-arms region frequently as it can lead to skin darkening in that region.
12)Sensitive-Skin folks might need special care. In case waxing irritates you,it is clear indication that it ain’t ┬ásuiting you try other methods.
13)If any time, the irritation has not subsided means seek a Dermatologist’s opinion without further delay.

14)You can also ask your doctor for Neosporin or Clobetasol to minimise irritation.Please remember these are prescription topical applications and only to be followed under medical supervision.

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