Hair Tutorial: How to wear a elegant bun?

Hello my beautiful ladies! Previously I did a post on hair tutorials of some really DIY simple hairdos.Today let us see Tutorials on how to wear a  elegant bun for different occasions. A Bun is simple,easy and quick way to style a hair.So many times when I am rushing out,bun is a quick fix and looks awesome :). There are several ways to wear a bun,here are some of those tutorials.

Products Required:

  • Hair Brush,Tail Comb.
  • Rubber-bands.
  • Bobby-pins.
  • Bun accessories/Sock.
  • Hair accessories-Hair Bands, Hair Pins etc.

Bun Accessories:

Hair Tutorial: How to wear a elegant bun?
This is known as Donut ring/Donut bun/Hair bun/Bun shaper/Sponge bun.It is available in 3 sizes-Small, Medium, Large and 3 colours-Black, Brown, Blonde shades to match your hair.Choose according to your requirements-hair length,bun size.Watch video tutorial 1 for demo.If you don’t get these then just pick up a sock closest to your hair colour,cut the toe part and roll it to form a donut as shown in video tutorial 2.
Then there are two more accessories :-
1)Bun tool/Sponge Swirl/ Bun tool/ Hair Clip Twister/ Foam Stick/ Bun Styling Clip.It available in velvet and plastic sticks.Watch video tutorial 3 for demo.
2)Spin Pin/Bun Pin/Bun twister pins/Bun screws.Watch video tutorial 5 for demo.

Price & Availability:

It costs around Rs 50-200.It is easily available in all cosmetic & beauty stores.
It is also available online from and
I bought mine from using paypal account for less than a dollar-$0.99 with free shipping!
Another site similar to ebay is which allows paypal mode of payment with same prices.

Video Tutorials 1-6:Medium/Long Hair.
Video Tutorials 7-8:Short Hair.

Video Tutorial 1:

Try this bun with a Donut ring for office wear or a date!

Video Tutorial 2:

If you don’t have a donut ring shown above then no issues you can still wear a bun with a sock!

Video Tutorial 3:

You late for college,try this bun using bun tool.

Video Tutorial 4:

Heading out for coffee with your girl friends then try this Twisted Bun!

Video Tutorial 5:

Try this really fast,simple bun without no other tools except bun pins/spin pins.

Video Tutorial 6:

Got a party to attend then try this braided bun!


So wearing a bun is not at all difficult,do try and accessorise with hair bands, bun pins,satin flowers,hair combs 🙂
These are really simple and quick way to wear a bun.You also get ready hair pieces for different bun styles,you just need to clip them on with bobby pins.
Girls I really hope you enjoyed this easy tutorials for wearing bun,Have Fun!(Hehe now that rhymes 😉 )

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