Avene Triacneal Review

This is a guest post from Arpitha.She previously wrote very informative reviews on Trigaine Shampoo, Suncote Gel Sunscreen. This time she has written a review on Avene Triacneal.Avene Triacneal is topical acne medication for Acne, Acne Scars and Pitted Scars.
Hi I am back to writing after a while.This time I am reviewing Avene Triacneal.

My Skin Type:

Oily and acne prone skin|Pitted-acne scars.


Active Ingredients: Retinaldehyde(0.1%),Glycolic acid (6%), Effectiose, Avene thermal spring water.
Aqua. Cetyl Alcohol. Cyclomethicone. Polysorbate 60. Glycolic Acid. Avene Thermal Spring Water (Avene Aqua). Sd Alcohol 39-C (Alcohol Denat). Polymethil Methacrylate. Sodium Hydroxide. Cetearyl Alcohol. Arginine Hcl Bht. Ceteareth-33. Dimethiconol Fragrance (Parfum). Potassium Sorbate. Red 33 (Ci 17200). Retinal Undecyl Rhamnoside.


Mild-Moderate-Severe Acne/ Acne scars-blemishes-pitted scars/ Hormonal Acne/ Adolescent- Adult acne.


Rs 1350 for 30ml.




1)It is oil-free,non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic acne cream.
2)It is suitable for all degrees of acne including inflamed and cystic acne.
3)It is acne cream come blemish cream, takes care of all acne related issues.
4)It contains Retinaldehyde(0.1%) which is type of retinoid which unclogs pores and treats acne.It also contains Glycolic acid (6%) which promotes skin renewal by exfoliation.Both also have anti-ageing properties.
5)It  also contains Effectiose and Thermal spring water, a patent ingredient from Avene which minimises and soothens the skin irritation.
6)Retinaldehyde also works on blackheads.
7)It is paraben-free.
8)It is has a pleasant fragrance.


1)It is expensive.
2)Easy availability is an issue.
3)It can cause side effects like dryness, purging/initial breakout, photosensitivity.


Avene products are available in selective and reputed pharmacies.Triacneal is a over-the-counter product so one does not need a prescription to purchase it.
It can also be bought from sites like:
5)healthkartplus.com(Delivery to limited cities only)

Directions for Use:

  • Wash your face with a mild cleanser.Dot a tiny bit of Triacneal on entire face and massage it.
  • Triacneal should be only during nights.

Final Verdict:

I have been using Avene Triacneal since June.It completely cured my moderate acne,I do not have any acne.I am still using it for my pitted acne scars,it is lot better than before. My skin looks good with no acne(touchwood!).Initially I faced severe dryness, I used moisturiser at all times.Oh ya it is very important to use a good sunscreen.I use Suncote(which I love!).I never seen a effective solution for acne scars.Since acne has cleared up, I use 2-3 times in a week now.If any of you are suffering acne,this is a very good treatment and all-in-one solution for acne.

My Rating:4.5/5


  • Avene Diacneal is a previous version of Triacneal. Diacneal Production has been stopped but it is till available in few places.It is almost same composition minus the Effectiose ingredient.
  • It is advisable to use Triacneal  on entire face instead of spot treatment.
  • Separate application for acne blemishes is not required.
  • It is a good idea to gradually ease into Triacneal by using it 2-3 nights in a week and later using it every nights.
  • Triacneal is a very strong acne cream so do not use harsh cleansers or products.
  • It is advisable to use neutral cleansers like Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel, Avene Clenance Gel,Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser, Olay foaming cleanser for sensitive skin etc.
  • Side effects of Triacneal are dryness,purging/initial breakout,photosensitivity.
  • It is very important to use high protection sunscreen during day time like Suncote gel sunscreen,Avene Emulsion Sunscreen VHP 50+ etc.
  • Use a good non comedogenic, oil free moisturiser if required.
  • Triacneal not to be applied around sensitive areas like eyes and mouth areas.
  • Triacneal should not be used during day time.
  • Triacneal should not be used by pregnant/nursing mothers.
  • Triacneal tends to leave on yellow stains on clothing/bedding.
  • Triacneal is not for isotretinoin ,benzoyl peroxide users.

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