Vedic Line Hair Retarder Cream Review

Today I will be reviewing hair retarder cream from Vedic Line.I found this product when I was browsing on saw it couple of times and thought it wouldn’t live upto its claims. So I decided to try it so here is the review.


Natural plant derivatives in absorption base.
(Sorry guys I tried but there is no disclosure of ingredients X()


Rs 300 for 50ml.

Product Claim:

Vedic Line Hair Retarder Cream Review


Vedic Line Hair Retarder Cream Review


1)It is oil free cream suprisingly,it does not leave any greasy residue.
2)It has a pleasant fragrance.
3)It effectively slows hair growth.
4)It can be used on face or body.
5)It can be used by men and women.
6)It is suitable for all skin types.
7)It does not break me out.
8)It is easily available and reasonably priced.


1)No full disclosure of ingredients.Hence I cannot say if it is non-comedogenic or not.
2)Packaging could have been better.Glass jars are not the sturdy ones.

Directions for use:

Note:The cream has to applied after hair removal that is after shaving/waxing/threading/ using depilatory creams.
1)Take little quantity of cream and apply on face/body.
2)Massage it like your regular face/body creams.


It is available in cosmetic stores and health&glow outlets.
It is also available online from sites like:

Final Verdict:

I bought this thinking it wouldn’t work.But to my surprise it does work.You have to note that this cream is not a hair removal cream.It is hair retarder cream meaning it slows the hair growth.I normally wax once in 3-4 weeks.After using this cream for about 2months or I go for waxing after 6-7 weeks.Its definitely worth the try.I gave this cream to my Uncle who is lazy to shave his beard.He is also satisfied with it.I am mean who wouldn’t !So definitely worth a shot ;)

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