Maybelline Colassal Kohl Kajal-Turquoise Review

Hi Girls! Today I will be reviewing the new Maybelline Colassal Turquoise Kajal.I have been wanting to review this from a week,but I was really busy with my friend’s wedding and travelling.So nonetheless better late than never right.I am pretty sure all you girls are using Maybelline Colassal Kajal.Wondering if the new colour is any good?Well read along to find out more about it!

Maybelline Colassal Kohl Kajal-Turquoise Review


Not available.


Rs 249 for 0.35grams.

Product Claim:

Maybelline Colassal Kohl Kajal-Turquoise Review


Maybelline Colassal Kohl Kajal-Turquoise Review


1)It is super-creamy texture and glides on effortlessly to easy to apply.
2)It is smudge-proof,water-proof.
3)It is self-sharpening so no need of sharpening and no wastage as well.
4)Easy availability.
6)It can double up as eye liner and eye-shadow because of creamy texture.
7)It stays for a good amount of time of 7-8 hours.
8)It is colour-coded to easy to identify.

9)It does not irritate the eyes.


1)It tends to break when more pressure is applied because of its creamy texture again.
2)It starts fading after 7-8 hours so does not stay 12 hours as claimed.
3)It is not highly pigmented like Lakme Eyeconic Kajals which some may prefer.But it is easily build-able after 3-4 swipes.

Directions for use:

This Turquoise Kajal/Kohl/Eye liner can be used to upper lash line or water line.You can check out a video tutorial here.


Maybelline products are easily available in all super markets,beauty stores and online stores.
1)To buy on Nykaa, click here.
2)To buy on Flipkart, click here.( Offer alert:Its available on Flipkart for Rs 199)

Final Verdict:

Maybelline Colassal Kajal has been a huge hit ever since it entered the market,this colour is no exception either.It looks like they wanted to catch up with Lakme Eyeconic Coloured Liners. Nonetheless, Maybelline is the best when its come to product delivery.It super creamy,smooth and glides on easily.I love Turquoise,it is one of my favourite colours.I have one in the Maybelline Vivid smooth range which is seriously one of the best liners I have used! Maybelline Turquoise Kajal is a beautiful Turquoise colour with a hint of glitter. For best results, team it up with a black liner.It just looks fab!I have watery eyes as well,so stays up for good 7-8 hours on upper lashline and 5-6 hours on lower water line.Overall decent and good coloured Kajal money can buy!
Confused when I said lashline and water line then click here.

My Rating:4/5

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