PR:Fiama Di Wills launches ‘Shower Jewels’ by Masaba Gupta

This is a press release from Fiama Di Wills on their new launch-Shower Jewels by Masaba Gupta.

PR:Fiama Di Wills launches 'Shower Jewels' by Masaba Gupta

Fiama Di Wills, ITC’s leading personal care brand, has announced its most awaited line of product for the year 2014 – the limited edition signature series. Fiama Di Wills ‘Shower Jewels’, a precious gemstone infused shower gel collection redefines the parameters of luxury bathing. Exquisitely designed by the eclectic and iconic Masaba Gupta in collaboration with ITC’s Laboratoire Naturel (ITC’s consumer interaction & product development centre), these shower gels are an amalgamation of avant-garde fashion and innovative skincare.
PR:Fiama Di Wills launches 'Shower Jewels' by Masaba Gupta
The Fiama Di Wills ‘Shower Jewels’ introduces luxury bath care infused with skin care. A unique combination of delight and design, the luxury range introduces three variants –Ravishing Ruby, Shimmering Diamond, and Aquamarine Agleam. Infused with exquisite gemstone dust, each of these shower gels has a unique gel formulation enriched with skin conditioners, to give youthful skin. All three variants are designed to deliver the Fiama Di Wills brand core of timeless youthfulness.

PR:Fiama Di Wills launches 'Shower Jewels' by Masaba Gupta

Fiama Di Wills Shower Jewels is available in 3 variants:


1)Aquamarine Agleam

Clear and tranquil, aquamarine finds place in history as the catalyst for beauty and youth. It was also considered a good luck charm for sea-farers and it was believed that the powers of this precious stone were at its peak when submerged in water. This Fiama Di Wills shower gel is enriched with aquamarine dust and skin conditioners that detoxify skin to give you youthful radiance.

2)Shimmering Diamond

A girl’s best friend. That’s what they call diamonds, and rightly so. A universally accepted symbol of love, this majestic stone has for centuries been lighting up a woman’s eyes. This Fiama Di Wills shower gel is infused with diamond dust and skin conditioners that gently exfoliate skin to give you youthful, even-toned skin.

3)Ravishing Ruby

A symbol of immortality, ruby for centuries has been believed to have the power to attract health, wealth and success. Derived from the Latin word rubeus, meaning red, this fiery stone now takes a new avatar in this indulgent gemstone-infused shower gel. This Fiama Di Wills shower gel blends ruby dust and skin conditioners to give you supple, youthful, glowing skin.

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