Sebonac Gel Review

This is a guest post from Arpitha who has previously written reviews on Trigaine Shampoo,Suncote, Avene Triacneal.
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My Skin Type:

Sebonac Gel Review

Oily and acne prone skin.



Salicylic acid IP-1% w/w

In a gel base:
With Zinc Gluconate, Magnesium Aspartate, Copper Gluconate, Alpha bisobolol (natural), Allantoin, Aloe vera, Hydroxyethyl acrylate, Sodium acryloyldimenthyl taurate, Propylene glycol, DCCB – 3031 fluid, Fragrance.)


Rs 200 for 30ml.


Tricos Dermatologics Pvt.Ltd

Product Description & Swatch:

Sebonac Gel Review


1)It is non-comedogenic acne treatment in a gel base.
2)It contains 1% Salicylic acid which is a pretty powerful acne treatment.Along with this it contains Zinc Gluconate,Copper Gluconate and Magnesium Asparate which again treats and dries up pimples.
3)It contains Aloe vera and Allantoin which hydrates the skin.
4)It definitely dries up active pimple (non-inflammatory acne) at a faster rate.
5)It is suitable for oily-acne prone skin.It works on mild acne.


1)Salicylic acid might not suit everyone and sensitive skin types.
2)It does not do much for cystic/inflammatory/moderate-severe type of acne.I didn’t notice any difference with respect to pitted-acne scars either.
3)Easy availability might be an issue.
4)It didn’t seem to help stop reoccurring pimples.
5)One might see some dryness.
6)It is a slow treatment,you might not see results at faster rate.

Directions for use:

  • Apply pea size Sebonac Gel on entire face at nights.
  • If it too strong and causes some dryness,you can mix it with any moisturiser to tone down it.
  • Use a sunscreen and moisturiser as well.
  • Initially you might want to start using alternate nights or 2-3 nights in a week so that your skin can get used to it.


Sebonac Gel is available in medical stores.
As of now it is available online on (Delivery to limited cities only)

Final Verdict:

I used Sebonac gel for couple of weeks before I gave up and switched to Avene Triacneal because I did not see good results as I had expected.I have moderate acne(cystic acne) with pitted-acne scars.Sebonac gel had some effect on blackheads and small zits,but other than that it didn’t really help my acne.So I had to move on to a stronger treatment Avene Triacneal which contains Retinaldehyde and Glycolic acid.My acne is much much better now,I see a lot of improvement.Salicylic acid is a much milder treatment when Triacneal.So I would say just opt for Glycolic acid/Retinoinds.

My Rating:3/5

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